Tuesday, July 5, 2005



Already down:
- War of the worlds (damn it, Tom Cruise was too damn good looking I almost crying out loud since he couldn't made those stressful face, I adores Dakota Fanning and Spielberg for such an awesome effect but I cursed anyone whowrote the script. What the...??)
- Raise your voice (another lite movie)
- Cellular

To go:
- Serendipity --> lutuna >_<
- John Q --> love it, tears all flowing
- Pelangi di atas prahara --> koq biasa aja yah, nonton setengah trus bosen =( trus dimatiin dah...
- Eternal sunshine on the spotless mind --> idenya gue suka, dan kemampuan nih pelem bikin gue ngakak patut diacungi jempol =D
- What a girl wants
- Simone
- Thirtheen --> kacau...
- Blind Horizon
- Legend Of The Fall --> biasaaa...
Ah, thank you Api for the concern of this poor lil movie freak =P (yah, sebagian ngembat juga dari cecep =D)

Oh liburanku.... Bandung yang gagal... owoowowowowow....

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