Wednesday, March 16, 2005


Hey, you know what... I've been offered a new kid and until now, I'm still having this stupid-nervous-act about the gender, the nationality, the ADDRESS -__-" and blah blah blah..

Hueks, it's getting annoying sumtimes..

Trus trus trus, it's been a hectic week T_T
Tugas SIA2 jaman dulu kala itu ternyata ngga membuat gue belajar dari kesalahan dengan membuatnya di awal2 minggu... Wakakakaka *tawa histeris*

Tapi tenang saudara-saudara, seburuk-buruknya yang gue alami, it will never be worse than Julie's and Joe's =P Yeah, that's rite, I succeeded in making them doing what-I-am-suppose-to-do and the deadline is today =D
I'm such a blood-sucking-kind-of-friend yesterday =P

Huahahaha, Ok... now you can consider me as a jobless. (Thank God) Hudy's mom released me yesterday due to his uncooperate behaviour =D

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