Tuesday, March 8, 2005


Hari ini I had a VERY good mood, all day smiling =)
Quite rare to my own standard, really, but I don't actually mind =D since it was way TOO good to be happened to me =D

Began with him, waving his usual 'hi' and walking on, then my so-called-smiling-day officially got started. From there, everything turned out to be nice. I got my very first textbook (with the colour of maroon, my favourite, thank you), and fyi, this is my VERY first book that I bought with my own sweat-and-tears-money ^_______^ So proud of myself, huahahahaha =D

Well, after that I took a very nice and happy lesson called System Analyze and Design, with a totally narcissistic lecturer =D All day laughing, that's me.

Not to mention I finished the damn poster =P Kekekeke, don't care even if it got rejected, way too happy since one had been done. 6 more to go!!! *sigh*

Honestly, today IS a happy day. I almost forgot that I haven't done all my assignments =( SIA, DAA, Anaperancis... *sob sob*

Have a good day everybody!

Daily theme-song: Bram - Arti Mencinta, Tori Ames-???

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