Wednesday, March 30, 2005


Sounds British enuf???


A : What was that?
B : What exactly do you mean?
A : What in the name of cat was that?? You bloody kissed me!!!
B : Yes, I suppose you're right.
A : What do you mean you supposed I was right? You bloody kissed me! Explain that!
B : Well, it was basically what people -normal people, adult people- do when they're madly in love.
A : WHAT!!! Who put that stupid idea into your thick head? I am NOT in love with you, you bloody cow!
B : But I heart you...
A : But you can not just 'heart' people and then just kissed them like what you did just now.. *duh*
B : Oh, come on, don't be unkind...
A : I am NOT unkind, I'm stating the fact!
B : What's the matter with you? People don't get pregnant from kissing, err...speaking of which...
A : WHAT???
B : I can explain..


yah, aga2 ngga jelas, but i like this piece of scene =)

Btw, until now I haven't got a chance to actually calling my mom and ask about the situation there... but, oh, well..

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