Monday, December 19, 2005

Against all Odds

Lagi pengen ngebakar lagu2 ke VCD, and I'm pretty much confused about what exactly will I put on that one CD.. I'm planning to give it to my beloved cousin =D

So far it's up to 170 MB and ... err... after I put those Harry Potter OST (both 3 and 4) and the GIE OST, it's still spare an empty space.. -sigh-

The Chronicles of Narnia

Fine, fine, lemme just list the bad things about this movie...

  • Some scenes are just too obvious showing that the background is a fake one

  • Special effect is not as good as LOTR or HP --> according to my humble opinion though

But, despite the major failures mentioned aboved, I think Narnia is a pretty heart-warming movie, ESPECIALLY if you didn't read the Book at the first place (thank God I didn't). I liked the ending, it somehow filled me up with excitement seeing the four of them being grown up after all these years =D and then it turned out that...

Yeah, well, I'm looking forward for the next movie of Narnia, then.

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