Friday, September 30, 2005

Harry Potter

Aaaaah, sedang ingin menonton Harry Potter....!!!



Harry Potter ituu... everything related to it I'd love to discuss, the Book, the Movie, the Character, the Plot, the Poster&Merchandise, and most top of all, the Fanfiction =P

Just now, I read a hillarious fic about HP yang judulnya ehm... Customer Service and it cracked me up =D

Gila lu, parah amat mah ceritanya... ngakak ngga jelas pas baca, well... although I gotta admit it took a very understanding worshipper (like me ^^) to comprehend the story, huahahaha...

Too bad my cinematography class didn't result this movie to be discussed and be assigned as midle-semester project... Aaaargh, malah ada lima pelem yang kudu dipilih untuk dibahas dan tidak smuanya sekeren Harry Potter IV: Goblet of Fire >_< Nooo... Pilihannya itu Bourne Identity, Janji Joni, Big Fish, The Terminal, dan entahlah satu lagi apaan...


Pengen de liat adegan2 yang ada di buku 4 itu, adegan kecil2nya malah... kedatangan kedua sekolah, adegan Triwizard, Quidditch World Cup, Maze, hint2 yang Harry dapetin pas dia mandi di kamar mandi Prefect =D Adegan dance di Yule Ball, Malfoy n Granger...

Jehh... lama amat seh keluarnya...!!!

1 tasted the wine:

I found a site while searching google and the site gives you previews of I found previes for the NEW - NEXT Harry Potter book 8, the book AFTER the half blood prince, it's insane... i have no idea how they got the previews maybe they know J.K. Rowling..

I also heard that J.K. Rowlings AOL screename is SQUIDWARD - I've actualy chatted with her on there...