Thursday, November 25, 2004


Kemaren gue nemu 2 orang yang memiliki garis-garis ^__^

Garis-garis yang gue maksud di sini adalah garis-garis ketampanan =D Well, not every one has it, so I guess it's kinda fair to observe every single guy I met =)

So, anyway, ths first guy, I've known him for...uhm, 3-4 months?? He got the look and the look suits him very much, as long as he didn't grinning like a mad =P Driving a motor bike, and wearing a helm...yup, he got those lines! No doubt, at least for common people, hehehe...

The second guy...uhm, I've known him longer, maybe 3 years?? And yesterday was the first time I really pay attention on how he looks like =D And, yes, he have those lines...hehehe...

Trus udah gitu, gue kemaren pas pulang ketemu ama cowo itu lagi =D Huahaha, kisah masa lalu mabim dan PR Meet n Greet ^__^ I didn't recognize him at first, you know why, becoz he got a haircut ^^ But he's still look gud, hehe..

3 tasted the wine:

that's really cute :P

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