Tuesday, November 2, 2004

Cerpen gue

Listen, now I'm suppose to do some kinda study here in this room, but somehow, I stumbled upon a computer and start to do things I've been too long not doing that...hehehehe..my grammar gettin worse each year =D

Anyhow...tadi kepikiran sesuatu yang ngga banget >_<

Masalahnya...well..we're staring...aren't we?? Duuuh..lupain deh, My..plis de..ngga bole!! Ngga bole...cukup satu orang aja...and that's it..

*hiks, but I can't help it*

Bodo amat...ngga bole!!!! Ngga bole!!!

Hoek, napa gue jadi bukan kaya -my- yang dulu ada di dalam diri gue yah? Gara2 kebanyakan gaul ama adji, jadi gini nih jadinya =(
Apa2 ditanggepin dengan melo.. *sigh*

Jadi genee...ada yang namanya manusia bernama peep yang sebenernya ngga banget2 =D yah...i dunno, it's just...fun to look at..NOO...ngga, bukan gitu..tapii...yah gtu de..aargh..udah ah...



Today is the day. A big day! Ha-ha…coz finally I can come up with something useful within my big dumb head, I’m going to declare my feeling to her. T-o-d-a-y!

Yeah, I was like…uh, I’ve known her for years, but thanks to this thick skull, I didn’t realize that she was precious enough until I saw her….kissing with that new guy.

I mean, who is he anyway?
I’m the one who always by her side for all this time, I’m the one who got blamed for everything every time she was upset, I’m the one who was there when she cried about her cat, her dog, and only God knows what else…

And bam! This new guy came from the middle of nowhere; got to know her, and just now…kissing her??? WHAT THE…???

No way, I’m not going to let her be his… ugh…what-was-I-thinking?

Somehow I slowed down my steps…that damn feeling suddenly appeared…right there…telling me that this is all wrong…

She’s just…

For God’s sake, why am I always feeling like this every time the courage shows itself? It’s just…sucks…

“G, I’m not the perfect girl for you.”

“G, what was in your mind? I’ve known you for years!”

“G, I think you should know this….but…you see…uh…there’s some one else…well…”

And the most ironic thing is, “G, you’re my brother!”


And there she was, standing in front of the door, beautiful than ever, watching the crowd coming to our house. Yeah, today is her birthday, and yet I didn’t say congratulation for her, since I’m … well, okay…I’m a bit nervous…

“D, happy birthday…” I whispered in her ear. Somehow she managed not to get surprised so easily, uh, that or she didn’t hear me at all.
Sigh, positive thinking, c’mon…


Here I am, standing right behind her, yet she didn’t show a single sign that she knew that I’m exist. Damn crowd!

I looked over her shoulder, trying to find who might withdrew her attention this easily, and ha-ha…cruel word…that bastard is showing up in this house. My house!

“D, listen…”

And that’s it…suddenly without even looking; she pulled my arm to her waist and then placed her head in my chest.

This is not happening…
Tell me this is not happening…

I pulled her closer, trying not to remember that this is our house, and mom or dad could see us anytime…damn it…mom!

Gasping, I let go her from my hold, thanking God that my face didn’t went red, oh please, don’t let her know that this is somehow made me embarrassed…I’m the guy, not her!

“What’s wrong? You didn’t hug me for like…years? What’s the matter?” She looked at me, smiling yet confuse.

“Nothing, it’s just…you see, well…we’re grown up now…and…” I chuckled with my own lame joke, very pathetic!

“G, you’re such a kid sometimes, kind of weird considering you’re the older,” she laughed.

Please don’t laugh at my pitiable self; I’ll do it on my own…

“Listen, D…you looked great, I mean, you always looked great, but this time…uh, you’re a bit prettier, ha-ha, poor me, I can not even find some words to describe my own sister…see?” This ought to be stopped, some one please shoot me now!


“G, what’s wrong? You’re not like yourself…”

I scratched my not-so-itchy-head with this obviously dumb face who smiling and cheering at her. “Nay, it’s just…hormones…I guess…ha-ha”
And with those pathetic words, I turn around and walking to the outside, to the crowd, and when I saw that lucky bastard, I smacked him on purpose. With hatred, to be honest!

“Congratulation, you win…” I whispered in his ear, and I lost.

Huehehe, many background stories suddenly appeared when I wrote this story, whether they were sister, the girl is older than him, they’re not REAL siblings, and the guy is NOT that pathetic =D But anyway, I’m still happy with the result. Thanks for Raiko-Alive for inspiring this story (well, not really ^^ but who cares?)


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