Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Subject: Re:

Mungkin gue bukan orang yang sempurna, tapi dalam ketidaksempurnaan gue itu, kadang2 gue pengen orang lain tahu kalo gue bukan orang yang sempurna.

Life is sucks, kalo kata anak2 gaul...

Tapi kalo gue bener2 pengen ngertiin apa arti life buat gue, gue jadi bingung. Sebenernya gue punya life yang kaya gmana sih?

Barusan gue ngebaca Chicklit asli buatan Indonesia yang judulnya Subject: Re:, trus di situ ada kata2...

18. What makes you happy?
When everybody has left the house, and it's just me, my baby boy, and my beloved computer or a good book. The dogs lie on my feet, the louhan fish making noises moving rocks in his aquarium. The computer plays good music, my baby boy's sleeping soundly, and I got lost in my computer -writing or browsing- or reading the book. Then my baby bot stirs and cries to be fed, I breastfeed him and he stares into my eyes all the time he sucking, eventually stopping to give me a smile, his little fingers pulling gently on my clothes. I talk to him and he talks back with gurgle and cooing noises. Slowly he closes his eyes and falls asleep, his head drops backwards, dripping milk from the side of his mouth. I put him tummy-sleeping in the baby box. Watching him for about five minutes, wondering where does all this love in my heart come from. No phonecalls, nobody comes over. That's the happiest.

And then I just stunned, it's quite a peaceful moment she described there. Dan gue? What is my happiest moment?

Mungkin pas gue lagi duduk diam membaca buku di perpus, ngga ada suara2 orang ngegosip, just me and my book, exactly what I've been doing in the last 2 hours, but again, I might never knew, karena gue masih terlalu muda untuk memilah-milah keinginan gue yang realistis dan yang imaginatif. Karena gue masih terlalu muda bahkan hanya untuk mengetahui mana saat-saat paling berbahagia buat gue.

Since I'm simply too young, childish and naive...

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