Saturday, January 1, 2005

1 Jan 2005

New year...I should become a new person, nope...a better person, not only in study but also in attitude.

After a long thought in the morning of 2005, I realized I was not a very good person; I was lazy, hypocrite, moody, pout, self-centered and an envious person. There's so much imperfectness inside of me, and the most shameful thing is I didn't realized it until this morning.

For one thing, I just saw the TV news about my brothers and sisters (my nation) in NAD and North Sumatra (okay, I was a lil bit too late, so what?), and then I just remembered, not even once I called my mom in Medan to even say a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
So I just went and called her, asking how was she doing, was she okay, was my family okay, and thankfully they're just fine, though the earth quake was quite heavy and they panicked awhile. But they're just fine.

And then I saw in TV, so many children cried, asking for their parents, so many parents cried, mourning for their children, and I felt chill on my spine.
Damn, then I was just like...cry?
I felt so sad, remembering I was also had a family that lived so close near the disaster, and then I was imagining how if I was one of them, and hey...I cried...just like that.

Somehow, I want to be one of the volunteer for Aceh, helping the injured, and maybe distributing some food, I dunno...anything...but I can't, I could only gave some money, not too much considering the loss they had. Perhaps Dhirga already became the volunteer, I didn't know for sure actually, since I lost my contact with him ever since my mobile phone was gone. But if it's true, I hope he'll be alright.

Anyway, I was so proud about my nation; so many help came from all over Indonesia, even from Papua, the recent nation that freed itself from Indonesia, again, I felt chill on my spine.

Viva for Indonesia, may God bless us all. For NAD, North Sumatra, and Nias, please don't be sad...God wont give us a temptation beyond our strength. Be patience, okay?

Hopefully this year will be a better year for all of us... Amen!

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