Wednesday, September 15, 2004


Oookay...ternyata reaksi pada diri saya aga2 lambat...kira2 2-3 jam baru ngeh =D
Oh My God...hahaha...lumayan seneng juga sih, but I dunno, honestly I don't really understand what kinda feeling I had for now on =(
Biasa-biasa aja n berasa dah lama banget alias kinda jaded gitu kali yak? *sigh*
And today...well, the most unexpected thing happened =( She told me that I'm a scary senior T_T wow, I mean...I didn't really mean that =(
Okay, alright, perhaps I was a bit carried away during the last evaluation, but that because they're made me upset for ignoring such significant event as graduation!!! I mean...hey, what would you feel when your graduation moment got ruined by such a spoiler juniors?? See? I'm acting rational and logical here...

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