Tuesday, September 21, 2004


Yesterday i went to a wedding =D Kinda nu experience for me since I never had to wear those kebaya (forgive me for my lack of vocab, will ya?) and high heels (though not that high =P). Hahaha, between joy and suffer, I kept my self steady until the end of that event, and after that, I had a creambath =D Kinda reverse, huh? Bodo amat =D The thing is, my mood back to normal after a though days before =) Fufufu (^_^)y~
That was a silly day, honestly, cause at first I was so embarassed I almost refused to see my friend's face, padahal dia yang bikin pesta (well, bonyoknya siih) Ngga banget kan?Hahahaha...udah ah, lupain...
Anyway, my recent dilemma is ... should I go to that interview or NOT??
let's list the adv and the disadv...first...I'm definetely sure I won't be accepted to that job since I had no skill in foreign language (except for english and a tiny germany...and when I said tiny...I do mean it). Second, I dont even know where the interview will take place...hohoho, silly me! The third is...I had a class to attend T_T and not to mention it's a full day, 8 am - 4 pm...and the last thing is...let's pretend I actually get the job (beh...), well, I had an MK on the three first days of that job!!! x( damn...so ironically I still coudn't go either...The only reason I was so eager to the interview is...I'll had an experience about interviewing...WHICH I never had...but oh well...never mind...

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