Thursday, December 28, 2006

My mistake

Is to judge people when me myself hated to be judged.

She looked okay now, atleast after I reread her thought. As a matter of fact, it turned out better than I expected. Not to mention she had a pretty good taste of art =P


Anyhoo, I found an interesting quote just now. If you find a shooting star and have nothing to wish for, let it go. Somebody else might need it.

Mmmmh... deep...

Napa yah kalo dah malem-malem dan dengan musik yang tepat, my mind seemed to be more clear on several things. The hatred for all this time (well, maybe not hatred, maybe it was simply jealousy) seemed to be not that important anymore. Excuse my lousy grammar.

The other night, a person gave me a 'miskol' while I was sleeping. I might got an idea about the reason of him calling me.. but yet, I still wanna hear it anyway. I'm tired of guessing and speculating, wondering and hoping, imagining things that might not happen.

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