Friday, June 18, 2010

Prosecutor Princess

Only one line that fairly represents this drama. People should give it a chance. Hahahahaha, having suffered the lowest rating among THREE parallel Tue-Wed dramas, people rarely glanced upon this one (since the competitors were Cinderella Sister and Personal Taste). So, when the real owner of "my" current hard disk requested this series to be downloaded, I did it reluctantly. But yeah, I'm thankful for that one reluctant move, for now I had the great experience of watching case after case presented in Prosecutor Princess.

This drama tells us about a (more-or-less) Legally-Blonde-type of a prosecutor, and given that she's not blonde and clearly smarter, I expected a better version of a law-themed personality. This girl's apparently having trouble adjusting to the "common" culture of prosecutor life line (black suit, black car, black mood) and at first got ridiculed by her colleague. But eventually, she earned their respect anyway, having solved many interesting cases.

The best thing about this KDrama that drawn me into it was:

1. Even until 10th episode, I still had trouble figuring out who exactly is the MALE LEAD in this drama. And that one was an enjoyable treat, you know. Pondering whether this guy or that guy that will end up with the FEMALE LEAD, cringed upon one sweet move made by one guy, but yet the other guy making another cute gesture also, sigh...

2. There's this one male lead character, who's actually pretty easy to adore and love (a.k.a adorable and lovable), but yet you hesitant to pour your whole bet upon him since there's this whole mystery surrounding that guy. He's a man with sooo big of an agenda. It's like, "Aaaw, I honestly like you, but there's something creepy about you so I won't stand that close to you"-type of crush.

Another reason why I'm a bit reluctant-to-get-drown into him was because of that blasted Endless Love drama (anyone remember?) where the Won Bin character whom so lovable and funny and adorable make you hoping/insisting/demanding that Song Hye Gyo ended up with him, but alas the writer had other thing in their mind thus they blatantly ignored your desperate plea.. SIGH, I won't let that kind of heartbreak happen once again.

3. THE SHOES. Okay, (now) I'm a big shoe fan, not that I have a room full of them (yet) but I actually enjoyed seeing girls fit into their shoes nicely (or is it the shoes that fit into the girls' feet nicely?). So far, I have never seen that kind of shoe-parade in one drama. Seriously the director and stylist must have had this sort of shoe-fetish or sumtin but I'm thankful nevertheless. Hahahaha, I'm pretty much in love with that nude-color-with-gasper high-heels that she wore one time, I actually freeze the scene and take a look into detail of that shoe. Geez, what a freak.

4. Except for the guy with one big mystery air around him, the rest of the cast played their character quite genuinely. No lies were sown and no false pretenses were laid. I like that. I'm easily getting tired watching something where people act upon lies, you know, something like "I won't let you know that he actually was here looking for you since I hate you so much". Bleeeh...

5. The cases. Okay, one thing that separate Prosecutor Princess from other drama was the cases she's working on. It's not just one big cases spanned from first episode to the last, but there's actually a lot of small cases presented. It's like watching detective Conan, hehehehe. Love them.

6. The magnificent set. Starting from the Female Lead's house, her apartment, her office room, Male Lead's apartment, his office.. OMG! Since the story basically told us about rich people (in a normal way, not Tao-Ming-Tse's way), the characters are naturally having big grand room for themselves. It's like watching Carrie SATC but Korean. Hahahaha. Love it, and also the beautiful scenery purposely captured for lots of scenes (sakura flowing, aesthetical ruin, etc). Damn I just beautiful places.

Now, Prosecutor Princess sure has its own flaws, and one of them is the overload wrist-grabbing scenes. That one is extensively shown in the movie, not the I'll-take-you-somewhere-else sort of wrist-grabbing, but more gyaaah-I'm-falling-help-me kind of wrist-grabbing. That was ridiculous. What kind of people grabs someone else's wrist in order to prevent a fall? That move would just make the other person swing over helplessly.

Another flaw I dislike was the Goodbyeee, Goodbyeee My Princess soundtrack. Eeeeeuh, the rest of that song was actually good to hear, but that line particularly.. Dear Lord, why do they put that lyric??? EVERY episode ended with that song, no matter what kind of scene shown before. That's just weeeeird. For example, one scene was about female lead suddenly discovered her new (cute) neighbor, thus the mood was more giggling and happy.. BUT THEN the song played, Goodbyeee.. Goodbye my princessss... WTF?

Despite the (insignificant) flaws mentioned above, I rate this move 8,5 since it was MUCH better than Personal Taste that loses its appeal through the end of the episodes. The ending episode is compact and the plot pace is well maintained. And by the way, now that I mention it, this drama often reminded me of City Hall. Superman-Wonderwoman implication, the scene where the MALE LEAD suddenly dissapear, the characterization of FEMALE LEAD (sometimes even the face).. tsk tsk, too bad since I'm such a devoted fans of City Hall (which I rate as 9,5 out of 10) then some of the PP scenes are not that moving for me. But that's just me, though.

2 tasted the wine:

3. THE SHOES. Okay, (now) I'm a big shoe fan

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big shoe | fan, or
big | shoe fan..

big fan of shoe maybe?

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