Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Harry Potter syndrome

In order to welcome the latest and the last *sob* Harry Potter fiesta this year (yeah well, part 1, that is), I indulge myself into long lost obsession of the cast pictures... you know, like my own version of "Where are they now"-show...

Huhuhuhu, gonna miss them so freakin much..
Rupert Grint

Now emerge as the hunky-bulky-tally buddy version of Ronald Weasley, he and the other member of the movie had somehow left their cutie innocent self and now appears as a (rather) awkward celebrity persona (or so I said).

Anyhow, the left picture (though I'm not really sure whether it has been photoshop-ed or not) is the one represent him the best at Hogwarts. I mean, the movie rarely presents him as a fine young man, maybe because of the red hair, I dunno. But that pic, yumm.. cute!

So there you go, the once-adorable Ron Weasley.

Daniel Radcliffe

Once the uber-cute Harry Potter with a bright blue eyes, round glasses, proportional face and not too big of a head, but now.. I dunno, he became somewhat of a porn star? With weird composition of body and face? What the heck is happening?

Waw, he stop growing at the age of.. erm, 15? And suddenly become a hobbit of his own. Seriously, this is a human tragedy, world disaster, catastrophic incident, somebody needs to step up and tell him that there's such thing as growth pill, but never use too much of 'em. When I browsed for his pictures, there are pretty lots of them showing Daniel Radcliffe in his birth suit. I quirked my eyebrow and thought, did I miss /that/ much?

So there you go, the once-lovable Harry Potter.

Tom Felton

Always the bad-ass Draco Malfoy, ever since he got out at the first episode, til now (which unfortunately showing his ever-so-slowly-baldness, I'd say it's the age's fault) I still (and always will) adoreeee this guy.

He and Emma Watson make a great (if not dreamy) couple, but hey, maybe that's just my Draco-Hermione shipper side who's talking. Hahahaha. Anyway, better than Daniel Radcliffe nowadays, I think he mature better in matter of face and body, not to mention that this guy is pretty 'gaul' for having his own Twitter account. Damn I like that side of a young celebrity. I mean, I remember this one tweet saying "People in Facebook are people that you went to school with, but Twitter is all about those people you /wish/ you go to school with" Hehehehehe.

So there you go, the once-hottie Draco Malfoy.

Emma Watson

I'd say this one is /the/ most consistent character throughout the movie, and I'm talking about the cute level. Haha. I mean, she's so freakin adorable when she was young, and (although I regret the no-longer-bushy-hair) in adult version, she's simply a gorgeous model. 'Nuff said.

By the way, these days I often seen her with smokey black eyes, which I dare say compliment her very well. Ever since she practiced as a model, she grew pretty well and I personally think she should strictly live as a socialite instead of movie actress. You know, Gossip-Girly-type, but that's just me.

So there you go, the once-know-it-all Hermione Granger.

Actually I'm more interested with her brother, Alex Watson (who once represent Burberry along with his sister). Tsk tsk, good blood run through the family. *digging through the old files looking for one Alex's picture*

3 tasted the wine:

Do you know that Emma Watson's boyfriend, George Craig, was also a Burberry model? George and Emma was pictured in the same ad together as well. And now Emma was featured in George's band One Night Only new music video.

Emma Watson rocks!

weird, i heard they already broke up

Ohmygosh... Emma's brother really looks like her twin.