Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Hurt Locker

This is the second time I actually enjoyed an Oscar-winning movie. And this time it's The Hurt Locker. Like I said, I never heard of this movie production until it won The Oscar. And it took me quite some time to spare it and give it a try. Yeah, well.. not bad. Interesting plot line, or should I say, interesting theme? It's like watching Die Hard with sand background.

The movie's scope is really tight, giving us a peek of how bomb squad actually worked in the war zone, and this time, the war zone being Iraq. The thing that actually poke my interest was when they found a body bomb. Wow, how on earth could people possibly do such thing? How? Really hope that the boy being killed has nothing to do with the bomb insertion, or is it they kill the boy so the could plant the bomb? That's freaking insane! Still has no idea what were they thinking. Are these guys even human? Do they really think they'll go to heaven (or receive some sort of reward afterward in the after life) or is it no longer about religion issue?

Heck, what /is/ the original issue in Iraq anyway? I lost it.

Anyway, The Hurt Locker has some sort of dark humor in it, I dunno, by using Guy Pearce and Ralph Fiennes as cameo wannabe. That's hillarious. I love it especially in Ralph's scene where he shoot and shout, "Ahaha. I forgot, 500 thousand dead or alive." That guy's just sick. Might've been a fans after all.

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