Sunday, January 31, 2010

Japan doramas, ne

Several JDoramas I've watched this holiday, and I loved each and every one of them.

Proposal Daisakusen
Well, since I am not a big fan of the main couple (Yamashita Tomohisa - Nagasawa Masami), I think this movie is one of those 'okay' JDoramas. I despise Yamapi's hair in this one (well, how could I not after seeing Code Blue where he wore his hair perfectly?). The plot line is entertaining, even though I got a bit tired after seeing Yamapi said "Hallelujah, chance!" thousand times and more. I still could not get over the fact that the ending was so excruciating I could've kill someone should there be no SP episode for that one. Geez!

And oddly, I think Yamapi's look enhanced dramatically in that SP episode, suddenly he looked nice. Weird, since I don't think he's that gorgeus in the previous 11 episodes. Little that I know that the SP episode took a year after the original episodes.

Love Shuffle
The Ojiro-sama character was perfect! I can not get over the dramatical change Matsuda Shota got after Hanayori Dango and several other movies. I like him here better! And I adore the photo he made, black and white photo series is always nice to have, don't you think? His partner, Yoshitaka Yuriko, has this unique tone of voice, and I instantly recognized her from that Taiyou movie. Yay for me! I just adore this couple. Tamaki Hiroshi senpai is also there, by the way, getting thinner and thinner. The jaw is still manly but I do honestly think he needs to eat more.

Orange Days
Hmmmmmmm.... Eita's younger days! This movie reminds me of that 'Pelangi di Matamu' movie once played in my country. I actually attracted to the main character (which is rare occassion) whose name is Tsumabuki Satoshi. Ah, too bad I didn't see him often in any other doramas. Anyway, Orange Days is one of the first sign-language-streak-movies that I've seen. After that, came House (episode 23 season 5), and uhm, yeah many others. I cannot recall. Hehehehehehehe. Orange Days is also my main inspiration to go see sunrise on a beach (well, actually it was Love Shuffle but overall it's the same scene).

First Kiss
What a cute couple! After seeing Proposal Daisakusen, I totally forgot who played the Yuki Akio sensei character. Fufufufu, silly me, it's 'fcourse the adorable Hiraoka Yuta who played Mikio in Proposal Daisakusen. Not only that, I didn't even recognize the heroine in that dorama. Jreng jreng! It's Inoue Mao from Hanayori Dango, ne! How on earth could I possibly not remember her? Duh! Anyway, I love this couple, better than the . I adore her hairstyle and nail art. Hahahahahaha.

Taiyo to Umi no Kyoshitsu
A homeroom on the beachside, per se. I like the overall plot of this Yuji Oda's movie, eventhough it reminded me a bit more of Conan Meitantei's character (you know, that classic gesture). I recalled so many Hanakimi's actors in this doramas (well, maybe not that many, only two actually) but same-same for me lah. The story, in my humble opinion, got dragged a bit, and too easy in guessing the plot. I mean, if "I lost one of my best friend in that summer" line didn't give you a hunch of what the scene will turn out to be, then you gotta be a complete moron. 'Fcourse someone would die, duh! Thus, I kind of lost my interest of watching after that blasted line. But it turned out to be sad episode anyway, so I liked it again. Hahahahahaha.

Next on my list is Ryusei no Kizuna, Buzzer Beat and GTO (I know, it's ages for GTO, but what can I say? I'm aged!). Let's cross the fingers and hope that they're good.

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GTO FTW! Btw, kok semuanya adaptasi komik ya?

err.... really??

even taiyou dan love shuffle???

propdai, keren..
btw loe dapetin doramanya dari mana? dvd?
next question: boleh pinjem? :p