Saturday, January 2, 2010

I always want to write a book

I always want to write a book. For years. But I did some zero progression upon that dream. Ha-ha! I think the most obvious obstacle is that I dun have the talent. I read some of my writings and yeah, they suck. I re-read some pieces that I made years back and they suck. I even tried to edit my former working masterpiece (right, as if) yet after I took a glance upon it a while ago, it sucks. Ha-ha!

But I never gave up on that one dream. It’s only that one dream that I constantly have in my life. Go figure!

Anyway, as it is me whom I’m talking about, there is clearly one pretty shallow motivation as to why I want to write a book. It’s the same thing like when I want to have a new mobile phone, it’s not because I desperately need one GSM phone but because I missed hearing ringtone on my phone T_T Dudes, seriously I missed customizing my ringtone (and message tone, come to think of it) as I wished. I love that very part from having a phone. To acknowledge people’s reaction every time someone called me. To know that people actually curious about the song that I picked as my tone. To be able to hear music when I got back home. And to avoid loneliness of being live alone, I guess.

Anyhow, I chose Michael Giacchino’s La Festin as my tone right now since I fell in love with that song ever since I heard it in Ratatouille. Okeh, ngga penting.

Hmm, back to writing book stuff. The pretty shallow reason as to why I want to write one is… because I’d love to think what I would write on Thank You Page! You know, the one where they wrote cool stuff about people that has been working hard (or as simple as being there) when the book was made? I like reading those pages on every book I bought, and thus I really-really want to make one.

So here I thought, since the progress is nowhere to be seen, why don’t I try to make one instead? The Thank You page, not the book, mind you.

(Hihihihihi... jadi malu) =.=

Ookay… not in any particular order whatsoever:
- to A, the only person I could actually fight with no regards of being un-friend. I can argue with you anytime I want and be stubborn as hell (likewise, actually) yet could still call you few days after just to talk about trivial things. We even calculated the physics formula of a car being actually drowned in a basement. Geez! At 2 am in the morning, nonetheless.

- to B, the darkest yet brightest male I ever encountered. My drinking friend, my countable person when I’m bored and in need of someone to say something minor insignificant remark, my get-a-go buddy (moronic impulsive trip to Puncak in the middle of the night), my food compass and general knowledge dictionary. Thank you for all of those unimportant text messages. You are truly adorable moron.

- to C, the person whom I always regarded as the most opportune girl ever. The one that could always give the right advice and opinion about anything even though she’s years younger than me. The one whose taste affected me in any way possible, started from movies, books, clothes, music, and so on. The only person that I will continuously envied. Thank you for being there, as always.

- to D, E and F, for giving me chance to stay young. Hahahahahaha. We did some extraordinaire stuff together, and I finally experienced a whole other world beside those geeky stuffs. Pool accident, midnite movies, wedding crashing, shopping spree and trip to places we have yet visited but always envisioned within our mind.

- to G, once an annoying roommate for she’s happened to be an even lazier a person than I am. I mean, is that even possible? Thank you for the extra effort to befriend me even if I’m so callous at times. I really enjoyed it when we’re doing crazy hunting upon those Korean matters. So ABG!!! Aw, aw, aw!!

- to H, my long lost high school buddies. To know that we’re not even that close in high school kind of startled me as to why we’re so easy on this friendship thingie. “Eits, aku yang campakkan dia duluan. Lagian, kenalkan suamiku yang baru, Yuki Jutta.” What the???

- to J, once my teammate, always my teammate. Literally. Hahahahahaha! Sorry I drag you into this dirty business world, but we do have our up and down times, rite? The only person I could shot my temper without holding back whatsoever, how many times did we actually argue upon one bloody flowchart? Hahahahaha. Scarily, fighting with you is one of my interesting moments in office. People failed to notice me as the temperamental bitch since you bark louder than I do ;P And longer, too.

- to K, whose place is the second most often I crashed into. Our pulang-kampung trip together will never cease to make me smile. Su casa /is/ mi casa ;P Our golden years back in college is very tempting to revive again, huh? Years with no worries. Only photo box and blogging.

- to L, the only male I ever actually said that cheesy line, “Lu liat bintang yang ada di langit? Kita ngeliat bintang yang sama lho.” Mein Gott, blasted teen hormones. Thank you for our late night phone calls, for being the most tarik-able person regarding old pal reunion, for our bus trip to Tuk-tuk . No matter wherever you are, either up on the mountain or down in the sea, either single or not-available, either gondrong or botak gundul, you are and will always be my friend.

- to M, for having the life I have always wanted, married young and have gorgeous babies. We will always meet each other after a while, and yet, still have no obligation to do ‘basa-basi-report’ whatever happened to us. We will resume our relationship as if the whole thing was only being paused. Thank you for those porn books, hahahahahahaha. Damn, you ruin my life!

- to N, the person I will miss dearly once you decided to stay abroad. My precious friend who always thinks that he’s not as good as he really is. The most troubled young guy I ever come across for his life philosophy is to consider and consider again. Thank you for our clash back then, for I would never realized that you are indeed one of my important person had it not happened.

- to O, for making it all possible. You are my sparring partner in arguing and gossiping and simply talking. Thank you for giving birth to me. I might not be the best daughter possible but you are the best mom ever.

- to P, whom I abandoned in quite some time. I’m sorry I didn’t celebrate your birthday in a proper way but I do, I really do love you. But I think it is going to take a while for me to get there. Please spare me time to look for I really want, and thank you for simply let me living my life happily.

- to Q, the one who actually taken care of me when I’m in need, even though she’s supposed to be the one to be taken care of. I enjoyed our long-last conversation and the reminiscence of our blasted childhood. I miss you dearly and hopefully we could spend our old days walking on splendid ground in Paris, maybe?

Happy New Year, guys!

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so so saaaad having to lose the old comments T_T

hoho, I, for one, also aspire to be a writer. I actually has some ideas and characters(I even constructed detailed backgrounds for most of them) in mind for some time. Despite all this setup, I cant start writing. I cant create a good conflict and cant afford the time to do some research. So if any of you reading this, feel free to contact me. Maybe we can co-write something decent LOL


loh koq any of you?

kan gw ga terbatas nawarin ke elu aja

liburan di kosan aja, may?

yaaah... mostly di kost ngabisin pelem dan a bit tit-and-tat lah...