Saturday, January 2, 2010


This post is dedicated to the only member I adore in my favorite band who seems to be getting older and hence no longer suitable for my pedophile's taste =_= Hahahahahahaha..

Ookay, first of all I know how ridiculous this might seems but in my youthful days *halaaah*, I actually adore this little creature (who is now not so little anymore T_T). His name is Lee Donghae, the member of Super Junior whose actual talent is dancing. I mean it, he can dance better than anyone despite his girlie cutie look.

Among all members, I still could not distinguish his voice whatsoever, hahahaha. I'm really sorry, Mister, but you do really have soft-yet-indistinguishable voice. He pronounced 's' as 'sh', 't' as 'ts' in any English word he spoke. Seriously, this guy is cute. For example, "You are my everything" will be heard as "You are my everysching",etc. But still I could not despise this young man (which is weird since I do have zero tolerance with people pronouncing English in a wrong way, including myself, thus I seldom using it in daily conversation ;P)

Anywaaaay, day after day I kept everything logged about him (er..), his CF's, his live performances, his reality shows (which honestly there is nothing special about his attitude other than being so quiet and only get along with non-stranger people), and et cetera et cetera, I realized this guy is growing old (duh, you think?). He has reached the age in which the youth innocence slowly disappeared from his look. So, I'm sad.

I saw him in Infinitely Yours, Seoul commercial and I'm sad. He's gettin old. Why oh why??? He still got the adorable jaw and stuff but I could see clearly that he's being more mature (not that is a bad thing) but I'm still sad.

Well, I think this confirmed my pedophile's taste, after all.

Donghae-ne.. you will always looked like Ariel Peter Pan in my eyes. Hahahahahahahaha!

3 tasted the wine:

klo yg di Suju gw sih sukanya Siwon. Tp teganyaa masa dibandingin sm Ariel peter pan..ckckck

yah, standar amat pasti orang tu default tertarik dengan yang namanya SiWon.. kalo gue nyebutnya sih "Si Om" gara2 tampangnya yang om2... hahahahaha..

hm.. donghae is a moody romantic who always looked for girl attention by his shy-guy style.. i dont like him, he looks as if he couldn't have any fun.. he's not even funny.. hehehe

i'm always for heechul and kibum! although my current obsession is 2PM Junho and Taecyeon(^__^)v