Monday, January 28, 2008

I saw it.. gory blood-drenched one..

Okay, so this time I'm going around some old stuff movies, say like Saw. Actually, I've never actually been built to be a fond-of-gory-movie type of person, but it came out unintentionally. So to speak. Anyway, Saw had caught my attention at its first chapter, not because of the blood-spill and sick murder in it, but more to psychological crime Jigsaw (the bad guy) made.

He can kill somebody without actually killing them. That's... somewhat cool.

And the ending, don't forget about the ending. I luuurrve it, especially because it was a bad ending =D

Then there goes the Saw II, another sequel from other selling movies, or so I thought. It turned out that the first 3 minutes of that movie enchanted me so bad; I can't even take my eyes out of it (figuratively speaking). For you guys who have watched Saw II gotta know what I mean =P

Again, Saw II provided a nice ending, leaving my jaw hanging open, felt pity and satisfied at the same time. Nice plan, Jigsaw!

However, I don't really like the tres-quel (???) of Saw, which (not surprisingly) entitled as Saw III. The plot is somehow weird, a bit maksa, and not to mention the lame plot, lame theme, lame blood-spilling (it was nearly down to none, exception goes for the angelic hook for Detective Kerri) and lame ending.

Ngga suka ah, dulu setiap kali ada karakter yang nemu kaset dari Jigsaw dan started to play it, I got thrilled. What kind of task this time? But oh no no, di Saw III it was literally plain, we're being led the whole hallway, with no surprises. Bahkan endingnya yang bilang kalo Jigsaw menyekap anak cewenya di suatu tempat tanpa makanan dan minuman, buat gue sih maksa. Selip-selipin dikit biar seru.

Anyhoo, gue suka cara sutradaranya ngasi ending di Saw I and Saw II. Lucu de. Kalo di Saw I, kan endingnya tuh dia tetep terkurung di tempat awal. Kalo di Saw II, tokohnya akhirnya terperangkap di exact same place dengan yang di ending Saw I. Lucu kaan?

Nah, recently one of my generous colleague gave me the Saw IV. Wicked! Jigsaw is already dead, what's left of him? Nothing but the same detailed murder-not-really crime. Huahahahaha. It's been a long time, pertama kalinya gue nonton Saw lagi setelah beberapa lama, I nearly missed the frightening moment when you're about to see someone get killed. Fiuh.

Anyway, after seeing it, I got to tell you, folks, this Saw IV is somewhat got deeper meaning that the previous. Damn, I like how the plot goes, how the timeframe is not absolute (or rather a bit confusing), and the shock I received afterwards. Waw, SAW has returned, guys!
In this movie, you'll be served in detail information about previous three movies, why Jigsaw chose the pig mask, what is Jigsaw's life background, etcetera etcetera... Nice.. I assume there will be the next Saw movie. Hmm, looking forward to it... Hehehehe...

Teruuus... baru-baru ini juga akhirnya gue bisa nonton yang namanya Pan's Labyrinth. And it goes right up into my favourite movies list. Why? Because the surrounding aura in the movie was nice, it's beautifully packed in a gory-tales sort of thing, if you know what I mean. It's not just about some fairy creatures, but it is also about the irony held between life in a fairytale and life in real world. And a horror real world it is.

Like it, truly like the ending, made me wonder sadly, does the fairytale world she's been living with real, or it's just another example of high imagination a kid could possibly have. Not recommended for youngsters though, there's a lot of blood in my humble opinion. For this kind of movie...

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