Thursday, January 17, 2008


Gossip Girl

Now that is a fairy tale decided to come up to the surface. Rich kids, poor kids, cinderellas, step sisters, frog princes, practically anything you ever imagined in Disney world, but only this one is in metaphor item.

The story was about two rich girls, Serena and Blair, also known as S and B (what is with the initial name calling anyway?) who happened to be a major hot chick (and bestfriends) in Upper East Side Manhattan, also branded as the queens, although according to Gossip Girl (I refer to a character not the title) they are not very much in healthy relationship (at first).

And then there comes the male characters, the rich boys, one bad, one good, named Nate (from Nathaniel, whose name I adore) Archibald and Chuck (from Charlie) Bass. You obviously could tell which one is the good one and which one is the bad, only by their name.

Do not forget the poor boy, Dan Humphrey, whose childhood love -Serena- suddenly pay notice to his bloody existence. Ini parah banget, soalnya eventhough dia sekolah di private school yang sama dengan those kids previously mentioned, no one seemed to know that he is exist. Kocak de. Quoted: Who are you again?

Cerita yang menyenangkan for a simple minded girl like me. Sejauh ini ngga ada karakter-karakter melodramatis kaya di sinetron Indonesia, ngga ada karakter yang jahat banget sampe bikin yang nonton males (personally I despise such character), ngga ada twisted path in stories, no bad things, only good things.

Yang lucu dari series ini adalah (again) koleksi baju-bajunya yang bagus, mulai dari seragam SMU (how I love private school, aaaah, Harry Potter n stuff, aaaah) yang ada dasinya dan corak kotak-kotak, coat yang suka dipake bareng ama seragam sekolahnya (and they got -logically- thousand of coats collection), footwear yang lucu dari strap heels sampe boot selutut yang dipake Serena ke sekolah *mauu*, trus dailywear yang rada-rada designer collection secara mereka pake baju tu ngga pernah yang standar like jeans and t-shirt yah, and jangan lupakan juga scarfs dan masks. Yep, you read me correctly, there is this masked ball once held in one of the episode and damn, topeng yang dipake tu keren-keren. Mulai dari yang ada tongkat pegangannya ala Marie Antoinette, sampe topeng sebelah muka buat cowo yang kaya Phantom of The Opera (okeh, gue ngarang).

And then, I do like all the witty dialogue. Huahahahaha, apalagi setelah karakter Logan Echolls di Veronica Mars.
C: How do you think I feel? I have not slept, I feel sick, like there is something in my stomach... fluttering...
B: Butterflies? *cynical* Oh no no no, no this is not happening.
C: No one is more surprised or ashamed than I am!
B: C, you know that I adore all of Gods creature, and the metaphors they inspire... but butterflies? They have got to be murdered.


Enuff with the series, let us move on to something more... personal...

Hari ini gue dateng ngantor dengan kaos dan jeans dan dengan suksesnya membuat semua mata memandang ke arah gue dan begonya gue ngga kepikiran WHY-ARE-THEY-STARING-AT-ME-LIKE-I-AM-AN-ALIEN-OR-SOMETHING dan ternyata sodara-sodara ini hari Kamis ya? Bukan Jumat???


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