Wednesday, February 13, 2008


There are lots of people in this life, whether they're staying in or simply just passing by. I might not know them personally one at a time, but sometimes I found myself showing lack of gratitude by their existence. Thus, my attitude corroborated my routine.

Never mind, whenever I got myself a time off, I had this sort of mental behavior that would acquired me to see things differently. And every now and then it came up with surprising result of new point of view. Not entirely bad, 'fcourse.

Like today, just now I was sitting idly in my room, pretending I'm in somewhat my own small high-rise, sipping chocolate milk and staring at the rain. I watched the rain pouring in, first lightly but then it goes heavy. And in the midst of the humid weather, I took a deep breath and start to realize I always love the earth scent in rainy day so bad. That bad I preferred to jump right in the middle of the rain to feel what it feel being children once again. Self consciousness prevent me from doing it obviously, but it didn't stop me from thinking those entire why's and why not's.

What the heck am I talking about? Nothing, apparently. Just one more bubble thoughts of mine.

Speaking of which, (again) I watched several movies. Most of them are indie-film doppelganger (although if it turned out to be not, it is still not my fault for I am an innocent and not-well-educated movie viewer). One is entitled Like Grains of Sand, starring Ayumi Hamasaki in her younger self and Okada Yoshinori. This is an interesting movie, not as dull as I thought, and not too divisive (which is not necessarily a good thing). Personally I hate an "over contentious" movie. Exposing sex scene and taboo things too much I could barely hold a yawn watching it. But that's just me.

Anyway, the movie is about perfect love triangle. Boy loves girl, girl loves another boy, and another boy loves the first boy. Lucu ya? Datar banget sih filmnya, cuman ada satu scene yang lucu aja gue nontonnya. Tipikal film Jepang yang kadang-kadang susah nangkep emosi dan alur cerita, but I enjoyed it nonetheless. Adegannya suka ngga penting dan lambat banget, tapi itu yang bikin menarik.

There's a moment when the gay boy is wearing the girl's summer dress (for only God knows why) in the beach while the girl is swimming. Then the straight boy came from behind and confessed to the supposedly the girl he's in love with, only it's the gay boy, not the girl. Which made me wonder, how stupid is this boy not recognizing that the figure in front of him is indeed a man and (clearly) not a woman? Gebleknya, si cewe ngeladenin cowonya ngobrol dari balik batu karang gitu jadi ngga ketauan kalo yang make tu gaun putih adalah the gay boy. Kocak pas gue nonton.

Conversationnya goes basically like this.

A (straight boy): I like you..
B (girl): Why do you like me?
A: There's no particular reason..
B: Would you still like me if I were a man?
A: What kind of question is that?
B: Answer me.
A: I might still like you, but it would be a different kind of feeling
B: Ito-kun likes you seriously too. (Ito-kun is the gay one -red)
A: But he's a man.
B: So? Is being a man a bad thing?
A: I can't sleep with a man.
B: How about woman?
A: Yes, I can.
B: With me?
A: Yes.
B: Even if I were a man?
A: This is nonsense.
B: You don't really like me. You just like me because I'm a woman.

Hmm, interesting. At this point, the gay boy is almost break into tears, yah secara kalimat penolakannya disebutin langsung di tempat. Pretty kasian. Why can't a person like another person no matter what the gender is? That's the message of the movie, I guess.

Anyhoo, sometimes reading it and watching it is a whole different situation. Why?

[background story]
Okeh, so there this oknum yang dulu menjebloskan gue ke dalam dunia-dunia bacaan yang nyeleneh, morally and physically. Yang pada akhirnya gue bisa ngeliat lucunya di mana kalo gue baca komik nyeleneh itu. Well, obviously I'm not talking about bokep ok.
[/background story]

Anyway, manga-manga Jepun itu kan suka ajaib gtu alurnya, ada yang gothic against the God banget, ada yang incest-look-alike (yah tipikal naksir sodara tiri, naksir kaka, naksir ade, naksir kembaran, naksir ibu, naksir ayah, dll) dan ada yang literally incest (as in beyond naksir).

Sigh, reading it is just another reading experience, but watching it… holy hell it made me shivers. Though it's just a simple kiss, kyaa.. traumatic experience. Apalagi pas ngeh adegan selanjutnya ternyata they're doing it. Wakakakaka, gue ampe ngakak. Gila, nakutin ajah.

Sialnya ini gue tonton karena yang maen tuh Jun Matsumoto (yang jadi Tao Ming Tse F4 ala Jepun) dan karena gue liat resensinya lucu gitu (I fell in love for the first time.. I fell in love with my sister). Ternyata Jun Matsumoto jadi kaya banci gitu di pelemnya, cewe banget, heran gue koq bisa ya dia meranin tokoh Kindaichi dan Tao Ming Tse. Aneh..

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