Thursday, February 28, 2008

Dirty Sexy Money

Another new running series for this season. Oooh, how I love new series and its first season. Well, for those of you who have watched Gossip Girl, you probably gonna stick it out for this too.. whatever 'stick it out' means anyway..

First line said is interesting.. The love of money is the root of all evil.

Dirty Sexy Money is about a filthy rich family, practically the richest dynasty lived in Manhattan (surprise surprise). And they're called The Darlings. So rich their only problem was to decide whether to spend 1 million USD for a bday party in a family house (like any normal kid would do) or in the middle of Brooklyn Bridge (which would acquire another million to prevent any other car to go through that bridge). Sick, huh?

Nevertheless, I love the characters in the movie, they're just... unimaginable. There are seven members of the family, the parent and the 5 children. Specifically I love the character named Brian Darling, one of the children, 40 sumtin and working as the man of God (or reverend). He made me laugh cause he's way too cynical to become a reverend, and he's way too skeptical to even live in this bloody world. He's even questioning God, duh! He's a reverend, for crying out loud.

Dear God, I don't ask you for much. Well, 'cause I know I don't deserve much. But please help the arbitrator to understand that I love my son. And please give her the good sense... to accept my donation. Thank You. Amen.

Doenk! He's actually bribing the man of law! Hehehehehe, he's quite the living proof about being balance between prosperity and poverty. Hidup secara 'sederhana' ama anak istri dan jadi pastur di gereja, but at the same time he could spend a ridiculous amount of money to bribe (aka commit a sin) if necessary.

Enak ya bo jadi dia. Hehehehehe.

Watching this movie reminds me a famous quote from someone (crap, I can't recall who he is). You wanna know the real characteristic of a man, give him money.

Hmm.. pantes aja gue rada sucks, nge-handle money aja belepotan.. Kapan ya akan tiba saatnya gue punya lebih dari seratus rebu di tabungan pas bulan-bulan tua kaya sekarang? Ya oloh, kemana tu gaji-gaji gue selama setaun?

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