Saturday, March 3, 2007

Exciting Job

Well... for the first time in 3 weeks of working and an hell of overtime night yesterday, I finally got my private moment while the rest of the team were 'fighting' with the client.. hehehe...

Here I am, sitting alone in a partner meeting room, temporarily used as my office in the next 3 months, listening to the music, sipping a coffee, and reading an ASP book. Ha! I never realized how I miss my college time and the necessity to read those material books. I mean, I actually enjoy reading that only-god-knows-how-thick the particular ASP.Net Book. Imagine that!

During my peaceful reading moment in this room, people are passing by outside my room, and most of them are ‘bule’ =P Not the cute one, but those you can really picture as boss look-alike. Those men are partners of the company, and each of them carries this mystical aura, scream an ‘I’mBusyRightNowAndIhaveBusinessToHandleSoGetYourAssMoveCozIdon’tLikeToSeeYouSittingAroundLikeThat’ right in front of everyone’s face. Hmm… just close the door, shall we?

Not all of them are jerk… as a matter of fact; none of
them are (at least, as far as I know), well, except for the bald one carry around cigarette everywhere as if this was his bloody home. Doesn’t he read the warning? Which part of the No-Smoking sign he couldn’t possibly understand? My associate once told me that that guy only enjoys cigar and wine. Typical...

Here in my office, no loud speaking allowed, not even music played in your laptop unless you put on the earphone or something (but I got lucky for having my own room =P). Speaking of which, no piracy software (or those free one) are allowed to be installed! I got really freaked out if they found out that I installed the Firefox (since based on the experience, even Wawan got the warning call just because he put that browser in his laptop) so I swore I would never ever plug my laptop to the network. Incase something happen… euh…

Since the company is soooo Microsoft based, they literally adore those IE and .NET environment. But.. who am I to complain? =P

Aaaaah, yesterday was truly a hard slog. I step out from this office at 11.00 pm, ladies and gents. Too scared to take the taxi, I decided to grab the bus. But alas, I didn’t get the seat so I got to stand all the way home. What’s wrong with people? What were they all doing to come home that late?

Anyway busway, Jakarta seemed to be in a very bad mood lately, huh? So bloody hot in the morning and so bloody wet in the afternoon. I got trapped in the restaurant for about an hour this afternoon (not that I complain =P) but honestly... what season are we in right now anyway? Musim ujan apa musim duren?

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