Tuesday, August 8, 2006

Reading Manga

Ah, how I enjoyed having my own quality time and have something to read. I enjoyed lots of mangas and novels but last night I went through a deep thinking (yeah, rite) and I figured that I should make my own record about books I really love to read.. hehehe... basically sih ni dipengaruhin ma cecep but hell...

Harlem Beat - Nishiyama Yuriko
This one is my fave since I was in highschool, apalagi pas ending ceritanya kan tu yang tokoh2 kelas 3 SMA udah pada lulus, jadilah gue bermenye-menye ria pas baca... hmm, love this book, love the spirit and 'fcourse... the gorgeus Sawamura =P Denger2 ini emang bacaan untuk para wanita jadi yah... suit yourself =D The main story is about a guy named Naruse who fight in a basketball field, trying to get the best of his potential. It is about friendship, love, and surely a basketball match. Gara2 ni komik, gue jadi cinta berat ma basket, ah sweet..

Get Backers - Ayamine Rando & Aoki Yuuya
Now, this is pretty new for me but I already got hooked by the craziness of both Midou Ban and Ginji 'Raitei' Amano (the son of Thor). I mean... they're just... stupid =D Can't agree more on that, despite their coolness and the tendency to win from the author itself... I like the joke and the excitement that rushing down my spine (ok, bahasa gue aga2...) everytime they faced new enemies or even Dr. Jackal. It's just hillarious =P Oh yeah, the famous quote: Just One Minute... Fun stuff to read, indeed! =D

Ingenuo - Ryan
Nah, this is supposedly a mature comic, but nothing serious inside it, so I presume it would be safe to be read by youngsters =P The story told us about an energetic photographer assistant who's actually a girl but mis-recognized as a boy. The infamous photographer itself is an arrogant prick, cold but yet so freakin handsome man...hmm.. you could pretty much guess the rest of it =D And so the story goes... Jiayu rocks! But goddamnnit why Indonesia still hasn't published the latest volume, aaaargh! &%#&$@($&%@!!!

Parfait Tic - Nagamu Nanaji
This is a plin-plan kind of story. And this kind of plot really made me jealous and envy the main character. Damn her for being so lucky! But the story and the artline was beautiful, how can I put it? It tells more about what's going on inside a girl's head, so... suka berasa de javu sendiri pas baca, hehehehe... Pretty recommended for those who want to read a refreshing plot =D It's about a girl and two boys living in the same apartment building. At one time the girl pick the A guy, but next time she chose the B guy. It's complicated but then again.. I'm hooked (._.)

Magnolia Waltz - Saito Chiho
Nooow, this is an interesting manga since I read the other version of it first (entitled White Waltz) who has the girl side point of view. Instead, Magnolia Waltz is telling the story from the guy's point of view and it's a lot better =P Again, this is mainly about one girl and two guys. And again, I envy the girl =P Just imagine, she had an affair right before the engagement AND while she was having her honeymoon with some wild Indian rebel. So basically, she had...hmm.. one husband... and one ex-husband whom both are still in love with her. Grr.... Depressing...

There are still lot more mangas to go... namely Monster, Angel Sanctuary, Throbbing Tonight, but I barely have time to search each and every snapshot of the cover... so.. next time ajah..

Betewe, manga yang sedang menarik perhatian saya adalah...
First Girl - Saito Chiho
Ada yang tau? Ni menarik kalo gue baca di internet, but basically about what.. I have no idea... hmm.. trus ada info baru (yang gue juga baru tau dan ngeh)... it's about this site bukudedo.com yang ngejual buku2 bekas online... menarik loh... hehehehe... Sayang koleksi Sydney Sheldon-nya dia dikit dan SEMUAnya dah gue baca T__T Aduh, tu orang jarang nerbitin buku lagi apa yah??? Gue juga mencintai (as in "ADORE") karangan John Grisham... tapi sayang dompet guee... uhuk uhuk... biaya wisuda udah kaya biaya kuliah satu semester ajah... pake kebaya segala... bah...

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