Friday, January 27, 2006

Ngga jelas

Huahahahaha, saya sedang ngga jelas. Antara panik, stres, kaget, seneng, dan sedih.. Huhuhu T__T

Oookay, bad Maya! Never again say sumtin that would probably hurt people's feeling (intentionally)... Never again act wise-ass toward sumwan you probably didn't know too well... You know what, maybe I should learn to keep my mouth shut next time...

*mood down*

*scratching paper*

"Torn it into half"


I hate those sensitive, over-mellow, and heart-broken guys... And most of all, I hate unconfident, low-self-esteem, and absolutely have no guts kind of guy. That's an exhausting case, I really should start to take cash for doing these type of consultation...

Anywaaay =D frankly the comment above is just for some extreme cases, so... never mind..


*check email*


HUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Again, my lil brother is grown up already =D Good, good... now he's asking me how to melt girl's heart down?

Hence, I'm asking you.... Please... some supportive suggestion? =P

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