Monday, February 7, 2005


The Aviator
The Aviator itu bener2 beda ya? Absolutely classical and I could almost see the reason why it became the nominee of Golden Globe. Bener2 ngga ada grafik emosi yang naek turun kaya waktu nonton Sky Captain, ngga ada perasaan deg-degan kaya pas nonton 50 First Dates, the point is... I just felt like I was watching an old movie, a very old movie, a ridiculous one too, hahaha, bayangin aja ada adegan Badan Sensor Film Amerika yang menggelar sidang untuk filmnya si Houston yang sepanjang film menampilkan sosok payudara sapaa gitu namanya. Trus pas pembelaannya, the mighty Houston melakukan comparison of those lovely breasts about their roundness dan dia manggil Mathematician segala untuk ngitung kurva dsb ^____^

And personally, I thought it had a nice ending. If it wasn't because of the time that I worried so much -___- (it lasted 2 and a half hour, for God's sake!) I would have analyzed it more carefully and that was what happened when I got home. I think the ending was sweet =)

When I grew up, I'll make the greatest film, the largest airplane, and become the most wealthiest person in the world. Despite the illness he suffered, I think he already at the first half of his dream. Yeah, that's sweet.

Big thanks to Alex and Mamad yang udah mau nemenin gue nonton =D

As ridiculous as it may sound, i'd like to quote my uncle recently-love-letter...huahahaha!!!

Jadi ceritanya gene..gue disuruh ngetik puisi apa gitu buat calon bininya di komputer, ya sudahlah jadinya mau ngga mau kan gue baca doong =P

The point is... gue ngakak mulu pas ngetik tuh puisi. HARI GINI NGASI PUISI??? *ketawa ampe guling-guling di lantai*

Anyway, di tengah-tengah kenorakan itu...akhirnya gue merasa ada satu kalimat yang cukup... well... not so bad lah...

Kuharap kamu bahagia melakukan apa yang terbaik yang dapat kamu lakukan.
Dengan mengambil resiko untuk mencoba,
Dengan mengambil resiko untuk memberi, dan
Dengan mengambil resiko untuk mencintai.

Yah, kinda sweet juga kalo ada orang yang ngomong kaya gitu ke gue =)
Jieeh, Oom!!! ^^

Anyway, today was quite fun, I read about 3 editions of Doraemon, gosh that comic book still enraptured me until the very moment =D and then we went to some relative's house to celebrate the newborn baby.

There I'd just practically taken care of the children (what an irony) and then it hit me. Kevin was sooo like me when I was a child =D He kept nagging and whining and bragging about going home and he definitely didn't like to be in relative's house more than an hour =D Bring back the old memories, huh?? Gue banget!!!

And then, being the smart kid as always, Kevin stole my attention =P He isn't like another children who usually self-centered and thick-head and not to mention sotoy, Kevin can be considered as a wise kid in his age. 8 Yrs old. You can easily talk to him and discuss something and then debate him on some subject that... well, honestly... not so important =D But he took everything that had been taught to him since he's a smart boy, no kidding.

The most bothering thing about him -considering that we're so much alike- is that he had this kinda illness -headache for exact- the same way as I had until now. I really worry, I often thought that I had a serious illness since this headache had been too long being in my health history (from the age of 5 until now, though it's not that often any longer, thank God!) And the truth is, I have no guts checking it to any doctors. It freaked me out.

What if I got some severe disease and it's already too late?
What if I got a brain-cancer?
What if I'm loosing my consciousness slowly?

That's frightening, even for my standard of fear =(
I have that darn headache, and so are my brother, and now Kevin. What the...

I could even recall that illness when it came.

First you saw those stars twinkle in your vision and everything went blur. But at that moment, you felt no pain inside your head.

And then, as those stars started to disappear, you would gradually start to feel the pain, the bloody pain inside of your head, it was so painful you almost hope you could trade your head with ANY head, just chop it off and buy a new one. In this phase, you usually screaming and hissing, anything to make the pain gone.

Next, when it did nothing to reduce the pain, you would start to throw up and then simply lying on the bed, exhausted and felt so damn tired, with that bloody pain-residue still being inside of your head, or even worse, it had transformed into a migraine, Voila!

Usually all those phases last for exactly 12hr up to 24hr. What is the best medical way to cure it? Go to sleep! Don't think, don't look at anything, don't use any pillow, and pray. Pray to your God! Usually works, though.
I hate doctors, I hate medicine!

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