Monday, October 15, 2012

Bliss attack

I almost forgot how Thai movies actually lighten up my mood. Started with Phobia 2, ATM, BTS (Bangkok Traffic Love Story), Love of Siam, Crazy Little Thing Called Love, and Hello Stranger. They looked like Korean movies but with less intensity and drama. Always light, fluffy and easily digestible.

So last night I was betting my luck and found this movie with interesting synopsis. FIRST KISS. One office working girl met one high school boy who stole her first kiss. #eeeaaaa. Right up my alley, ladies and gentlemen! Hahahahahaha. Here here,  berondong kinyis-kinyis.

Objectively speaking, this movie is no better than standard Indonesian cheesy lousy acting movies in cinemas. But I like the idea of them exploring the idea. Hahaha. Sounds complicated but it’s not. The story is so-so. The humor is basic. The actors were yeah well..  But it’s still nice to watch. Hahaha.

Another movie that successfully fished out the laughter out of my throat was The Avengers. Yes, I’m so last year. Kekekekeke. Always have and always will love the Iron Man character. Is he really that funny in Marvel comics? Or was it just the fresh creativity of the scriptwriter?

Captain America: Without your suit, what are you?
Iron Man : A genius billionaire playboy philanthropist.

HAHAHAHAHAHA. Wish Robert Downey will keep playing as Iron Man forever. He just has this positivity inside of him, yet full of sarcasm and love to mock people. Unlike certain other hero that I know of *cough-Batman-cough*

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