Thursday, July 15, 2010

Midnite talk

Recently, I took lots and lotsa cabs for a home ride. In result, can't argue that sometimes you indeed would prefer one cab than the other, and in my case, it would be Trans Cab.

Okay, I admit, I used to be in love with Taxi Putra cause.. I dunno.. they sorta suited my mood, not too expensive, not too color-bright and it's pretty secure.

Blue Bird. Hmm, next.

Express taxi, standard choice, but ever since they promoted (?) new line of car, that new Limo or sumtin, (somehow) I always end up in the old version one. I had trouble distinguishing the old and the new version of Taxi Express /plus/ I got this bad sighting (and hearing actually, but that's totally unrelated) /and/ there are only three types of car for me (Kijang, Sedan, Kotak).. so yeah.. Express is not really my favorite.

Trans cab, in the other hand, is this cute orange taxi, with its cable TV and stuff, and (my personal favorite) that lil screen showing your name on it (only when you order one, though). So cute. Simple but made personal difference. Selamat datang, Ibu Maya. Gyaaah!

The cable TV itself is another means of gossiping instrument, I actually got texted by my friend (knowing that I also took a Trans cab at the same time she did) and she told me that, "Bieber is on MTV. Channel 9." Hahaha, so moron! Or so alay, more precisely.

Anywaaaaaaaaaaaay, that's not what I'm about to talk about =__=

Just now, I had a chat with one of the taxi driver, and somehow the conversation ended up in lines like, "ya know, this cab's price is actually 70 mio max. I tend to sell it next year when I settled the installment. That's my 5 years of hard work plus my deposit." Waaaw, they work only for 5 years and got a car already? Should I change my job?

7 tasted the wine:

Cable TV?? rili??? *norak mode on*

umm.. I should change my cab preference then.. for safety reason I always take the blue one.. and wanna cry when I reach my wallet.. :))

But I hardly see those yellow cabby thing..

What about the rate?

the rate is Tarip bawah.. hahahaha.. i tawt Blue Bird and the whole family are the only one putting the expensive rate.

and what am i doing now here? udeh kerja 2.5 taun belom kebeli apa2.. may kalo ntar mau daftar jadi sopir taksi ajak2 gue ya :P

blue bird itu ya, muahal buanget.. kebangetan.. gue dari ui - pim naik ekspress aja cuma 80rb, eh ini pas balik baru turun tol antam aja udah 78rb naik blue bird -_-

Gw juga paling suka Trans cab! Ada TV cable, mobilnya masih baru, servicenya bagus & kalau diperhatikan setiap gw pake ini jatuhnya lebih murah sedikiiit daripada tarif bawah yg lain. Sekarang armadanya juga semakin banyak..yayy..

eh, tiw.. I noticed that too.. yaah, beda serebu dua rebu sih tapi tetep aja amazed .. hahahahaha..

may, you can actually buy a car in 4 years, well if you don't buy anything else and 'hidup sangat sederhana' as all the taxi drivers do ;)

yes, no buying novels, no watching movies, no buying that cute looking boots or that marvelous leather jacket from korea, not even eating in normal proper restaurant such as solaria. not even new android handphones and probably not even spending 75k for smart internet connection. now how's that sound? all the bravo taxi driver (the one that can lease, that's how they're called) does that, that's why they can afford to lease the car (aside from the car itself is much cheaper than average car price because it's been used for 290347287498347829374298 km and the engine is kinda exhausted. much).

taxi driver can get 1,5-5 millions a month, depends on how diligent they are.

Funny thing was, I actually thinking of buying some used-to-be-taxi cars when I heard the price (60mio or sumtin) =P