Monday, July 26, 2010

Byakuyakou - Journey Under Midnight Sun

Okaaaay, we're back on JDorama track. Yay, I'm so glad I chose Byakuyakou as the first JDorama that I would watch after all this long. It's a depressing, somewhat insane and a bit creepy if you come to think about it. Exactly my taste.

Honestly I stumbled upon this one after a thorough search for Into The White Night, a Korean movie starred Go Soo (the ganteng guy from Will It Snow For Christmas) and Sohn Ye Jin (Personal Taste). See picture below. Had no idea about what the plot was, at least at first, but then I read somewhere that /that/ movie was a remake from a very successful 2006 JDorama, Byakuyakou.

So here I am, after only /TWO/ days of watching it and felt very content with the plot, the characters, the insane crimes they commit, etc etc.

Byakuyakou (Journey Under Midnight Sun) is a movie about two people, a boy and a girl, who committed a crime when they were just 11 years old, ladies and gentleman. And it's a murder crime, not some Lilo-shoplifting-wannabe cases.

Started from that /lil/ incident, they build lies upon lies to cover the original sin, and it continued for the next 15 years. It's the statute limit of the first crime, actually.

The plot itself is quite simple, eh? And it's not that depressing to watch Byakuyakou. Or maybe the fact that it's a JDorama and not a KDrama (who tends to dramatize every lil thing they could).

Spanning for 15 years, there's a lot of time travel in it, like "1 year later" or "2 years later" so I kinda like it. It's not a day-to-day tales but more like summary of their life. The actor is Takayuki Yamada, a guy who's actually looked so damn good when the camera took any angle BUT from the front. Hahahahahaha. The actress is Haruka Ayase, whose character I loved a lot. Absolutely sick girl.

The crime varies from a simple murder, card forgery, IT system plagiarism (GEEK!!), pedophilia, rape, to necrophilia. Crazeeeeeh...!

Into The White NightMmm, what can I say, after seeing this, I'm so eager to watch the Korean version. Korea tends to do a remake of Japanese movies (dunno why) with more dramatizations. Plus, I've seen the trailer, too. And I kinda think of it as the SP episode, you know, with racing cars and highway accidents and all of that special-effect stuff, completely opposite from the Japan version.

ps: The Japan version versus the Korean version (and I'm talking about the look =P), who's better do you think? me, personally, chose Go Soo!! Hahahaha, Korean actors are always slightly better looking than Japanese actors. I blamed the mother nature (or plastic surgeon =D).

2 tasted the wine:

"Korea tends to do a remake of Japanese movies"? Which ones are you talking about? This is the only one I know of.. Plus it's not a remake of a movie but a movie version of a book. You really should get your facts right to be writing these stuff..

I stand corrected ;)

But seriously, it /is/ the movie version from the very same drama. Different countries.

Dunno if the drama is based on another source (say literature, etc) but imho it's practically the same.

And, judging from the last couple of drama me have seen.. Playful Kiss, God of Study, Kimi Wa Petto.. the infamous Boys over Flower.. please, Korea really needs to come up with their own stories.

And it's Not like I despise their work these whole time, yes?