Sunday, February 7, 2010

Foreign Movies

He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not (France)
Well, I gotta admit I didn't expect too much from this movie. Ever since I watched Love Me If You Dare, I expected none less than ambiguous and hard-to-understand movie plot. Like any French movie. So when I saw the first 20 minutes of it, I hate to admit I thought it's a so-so one, UNTIL.. jreng jreng jreng, the plot suddenly took major table-turning. I honestly and literally had my eyes opened since I saw it in office late night waiting for my colleague to wrap up her job, thus it's a lil bit sleepy time. Eiyyy, I like it at instant! You need to saw it, Mademoiselle Audrey Tatou strikes once again. Hehehehe, it's about desperation of one young girl whose love been wasted by some jerk cardiologist doctor. Or so you thought.

The Tidal Wave (Haeundae) (Korea)
I heard this one made it into box office in Korea, so I thought what harm could be possibly done by trying to take a peek on it? And regret I not, since it is one memorable movie. Personally I think Haeundae is more terrifying than any other disaster movie (Independence Day, etc) since my country had actually experienced it. So yeah, that's pretty horror to watch, especially when there's a big chance tsunami would occur again some time in the future. My favourite (and might be everyone else's) scene part was Lee Minki's. Boy oh boy, did he can pull some act. I love it, he looked so much different from the character in Dalja Spring (where he would be one cool spare tire) and turned into one dorky life guard who actually sported a good angle in the last minute of his life (err, did I just say a spoiler there?). It's a shame since the one who produced tsunami movie was Korea which in real life didn't get strike from it. Or maybe that's the exact reason why mine didn't make one? Traumatic experience? Meh.

City Of God (Brazil)
An epic story around ultra violent city named City Of God. And it's based on true story. And the real actor played in that movie is only one person (Matheus Nachtergaele, played as Carrot) while the rest of them were handpicked by the director himself. Some others are actually the citizen of City of God, impressive! How on earth could you live in that place? Where shooting and killing and robberies are normal routines and children could easily get their hands on guns? Anyway, the best accomplished acting was gained by Leandro da Hora (played as Lil Ze, the maniac) since in reality he's one calm, quiet and uncomplicated person, but in the movie this person rises as a crazy violent gang shooter boss. Me, predictably, love the Benny character (played by Phellipe Haagensen) the coolest gangster in City of God. He's suave and pretty much resembled the original man in real life. And not mention that he's cute, hahahahahaha, and he's the brother of that Shaggy (the leader of Tender Trio gang) character. No wonder, good genes runs in the family.

One thing I liked from City of God is their quote:
Hoods don't love, they lust
Hoods don't talk, they seduce

Hoods don't stop, they just take a break

Letters from Iwo Jima (Japan)
I watched this quite some time ago but I couldn't find the time to wrote something about it. Vaguely, I recalled Ken Watanabe's splendid acting and 'fcourse that Ninomiya Kazunari fellow (Poor Prince, Arashi's member). I like the ending, but then again, when did I ever dislike one tragic and sad ending? ;P It took place in World War II, in the great war between US and Japan, from Japanese perspective. Noone had actually liked to be in war, but sometimes the situation forced them to survive. I cringed upon so many scenes (including dog killing, men killing, etc) because basically I hate war. I never get it, if you don't want to be in a war, then don't start one.

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