Thursday, October 18, 2007

Liar Game

Dunno why, but after watching couples of JDorama series, Hana Youri Dango 2 seemed a lot better than the first one.

It brought back old memories from Meteor Garden, hehehe, only wrapped in a whole lot different package than the Taiwan series.

Apalagi abis nonton Liar Game n Hanakimi, sosok-sosok F4-nya jadi berasa beneran lucu. I guess the character they played is matter anyway.

Speaking of Liar Game, I strongly suggest you to watch it together with friends. I did it, and it was a hell lotsa fun. The puzzle, the strategy, the technique they're using to win the game, that just about excellent.

To put it in one word, Liar Game is combined movie between Conan, Deathnote and Kindaichi. Well, maybe I'm a bit exaggerated, but hell it's true. Though I'm only fond of the second round sebenernya. Bayangin aja gue nonton ampe bawa-bawa kalkulator segala...

So, what is a Liar Game talking about?

Basically it's a movie where people being seduced into a tricky game concerning the amount of 100 million yen (minimum) . Either you lost 100 million or you win 100 million. The game became more interesting as people who joined the round was gettin even crowd.

Bayangin aja dari ronde 1 yang cuman bisa menangin 100jt, ke ronde 2 yang grand prizenya 2.1 milyar. Fiuh! Lotsa cash!

Nah, yang membuat gue suka ni film, it reminded me of statistic and probabilistic (?) problem I learned back at college. And you say, what so cool about it, secara yang ngajar dan bahan kuliahnya dulu minta dihajar yah... tapi seriously, this one is fun to watch (or atleast the second round is) .

-------------s. p. o. i. l. e. r-------------

Nah, yang ronde dua ini ceritanya ada 22 peserta pemenang ronde pertama. Untuk menang ke babak selanjutnya, aturan maennya adalah sbb (jieh)..

There will be one contestant who will be asked to ask a yes-no-question. People then will choose either a 'yes' or a 'no' after several amount of hours. 6 jam bo, bikin bimbang ngga sih ngejawabnya.

Nah, yang lolos tu yang minority vote. Jadi kalo ada 9 yang milih 'no' dan 13 yang milih 'yes', maka yang grup 9 orang on to the next question.

Gtu seterusnya ampe tersisa 1 ato 2 pemenang. Berhubung ada 22 orang, so the grand prizenya tu 2.2 milyar, tapi karena ada aturan menang ato kalah kudu ngebalikin modal 100jt yang awal, jadi kemungkinan sih total prizenya 2.1 milyar.

Did you see the implication? Intinya, the looser will have to pay 100 million yen (which is like ... a LOT!) no matter what.

Gtu deh, yang tokoh utama tu ada 2 orang, cewe ama cowo, trus pertanyaan rehearsalnya lucu deh.

Q: Are you a woman?

Situasinya, ada 9 cewe dan 13 cowo yang maen. What will you answer? Hehehehehehe.. tricky yah...

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