Monday, September 10, 2007


Is it true that women was given the gift called intuition?

Well, if it’s true, then sometimes I hate this gift.

I hate to be acquainted with what others might think about me, whether they’re irritated
or dissapointed at me.

It might be better if I lack of that knowledge nonetheless. World will be brighter, sky will be bluer, food will taste better, and obviously I don’t have to suffer this annoying feeling.

Btw, recently I recalled some of my old conversations among friends.One of them quote the infamous quote, "Don't get yourself flying too high, because when you fell, it'll hurts"

But today, I just read the opposite of that quote, "Falling from three stairs and fifty stairs will be hurt anyway. So when I do fall, it better be from a higher place."

Pretty nice. Never think about it before.


Being working more than 6 months in a big company, a super-fast-trade-off should surprise me no more than a cute lil breaking news in the TV at noon. But still, it did surprise me more. I felt like I'm loosing more and more friends. After shocking news today morning, I rethink my motivation and my future plan in this company. Not that I planned to move, mind you, but I really have to consider my step ahead from now on.

Like one of my friend said, "How long will you still work in this company?" Well, why move when you had everything you need already? There's one in every men motivation to jump off one industry to the other, and to find a better offer is one of those reasons. So that's my only eligible reason for now. Cliché?

(ps: This is wrote several days ago, in a very gloomy day, the day one of my good colleague claimed that he's goin to move out)

I really-really enjoy rereading my old writings in my laptop. A bit of reflecting, actually...

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