Sunday, May 13, 2007

Delayed Moment

Not make any contact with the blind world of internet for almost a month. Not be able to exchange news and find out what’s going on, who married whom, who engaged to whom, who got accepted in a new job and where. Not knowing the most recent news from those I care a lot and get in touch with people I miss.

And to absorb all of those just in one day.

Is simply too much.

I once wish for my old life before this kind of lifestyle struck me right in my face. the easiness of living, the privilege to stay up late and get up even more late, the fun I’ve been through, going to the movies every time I want to, eat every where I like, read every book I can get, the little piece heaven of mine..

Each and every time I looked back, I felt like I’m wasting my chance to spend my free time as much as I could. Well, people can never get enough, can’t they? It’s not that I don’t like my life now, or the way I live, I hardly can complain about it, but then what else could I possibly need?

Self manager, self finance accountant, an assistant?
Or time?

24 hours a day seemed not enough anymore. I spend only 6 hours to sleep and the rest of it to work. I eat my breakfast on the bus, I get snacks at the office, I go for dinner in a constant time to a constant place every single night, and got back home just right in time to have (or rather, try to have) a nice deep sleep. Once in a while I missed my old magazine job, where everything seems like fun and more fun. I even rarely go to church. I choose to stay in my room, get every piece of rest and relaxation I need. If only my mom knows about it. Hehehe.

My job is still exciting, at least I hoped so. I’m trying to make the fun out of it. But why do people always expect more? Now I can get anything I want, but why am I still not satisfied? There’s got to be more in life that I could never have the chance to achieve. Yet. But when? And why the heck are my thoughts jumbling around like this?

Never mind. Afterwards, I won’t recall everything I wrote and start another day with the same routines. Boring? Nope. Tiring? Yes. I need some refreshing moment here. Maybe travel a bit. Going somewhere else. Or simply sit and enjoy good movies in theatre. I began to addict to food. Fat and junk food, either fried or baked. Maybe I’ll never be a coffee junkie, but surely I’ll be some snack devotee. Euh, help! By the way, this American Idol week was fascinating. Inspiring songs it is. You’ll never know how much I loved old time music, especially an inspiring one. Even a simple “Somewhere Over the Rainbow by Ray Charles” could cheer my day.

Speaking of cheering my day, I got this so kneel-downing kind of supervisor. He’s just drop dead handsome. Hahahahahaha! The bad thing is, he’s not my supervisor, he’s not even in my department. Damn! The best thing that could happen is when we trapped (notice how I used the word trapped) in the same elevator. Or maybe passing by each other in the rest room or something. He’s just ganteng, oy! Typical cute France guy. Oh, heaven! This is the real fun. Every time I saw this guy, I’ll abruptly wordless. Not that kind of thunderstruck, but it’s more like fan meeting the superstar. Bweahuehauheuaheua.

Kocak de kalo diinget-inget. Secara yang demen ama ni SPV bukan gue doang, but the entire department of mine. Hihihihihi. Memang rumput di pekarangan tetangga selalu lebih hijau.

Too bad, this week (after I deliberately take an off sick vacation yesterday), my team was moved to the next building. More precisely, to the client’s building. Hence, I can’t see that cutey any longer. Hiks! At first, kirain kerja di gedung yang ini bakal sengsara abis. Tapi ternyata ngga juga. Hehehe. Ruangannya lebih luas, bisa make a noise, masang lagu, dan lebih santai aja kerjanya. Hahaha. Babe no more nih.

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