Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Officially pengangguran

Sidang SP saya dah selese ^___^ It's finished, done, the end... thank God... Now, I literally and figuratively have no job (aside for that bloody revision, Year Book, etc)

What do you think I should do for now?


I'm planning to travel around Jakarta (not really a big idea, tho) looking for an appropriate place to eat, or to visit... maybe my friend's houses... maybe just a strange spots... or maybe a library... Gosh, how I miss reading the whole excellent thick book...

What do you suggest? Quite fond of the idea of reading Perfume - Patrick Suskind, but is it a worthy read or just a boring crime thriller? Have no idea, but it will be interesting to find out.. or will it not?

Another book that I could come up with is You Will Dream New Dreams - Kim Schive & Stanley D. Klein. Okay, so it's a Chicken Soup look alike... But then again, I find these kinda stories are actually inspiring to read. I mean, in life there should be balancing, right? Those yin-yang philosophy? (kebanyakan baca Get Backers -_-#) So whilst I'm reading the psychotic material, it would be nice to read the positive and inspiring and touching stories like that. Okay, so I'm acting like a bit smart ass (._.)

Aduuuh, buku apa lagi yaaa??? Dulu gue pernah ketemu buku lucu yang nyeritain abused child gtuh... No, no, bukan The Child Called It (gila, basi banget kalo masi blum tau ni buku)... bukan juga Series of Inspiring Stories kaya Julia, Adam, dan sapa2 lah itu yang menderita banyak penyakit yang lucu2 (macemnya philophobia, agoraphobia, claustrophobia, dll).. Aduh, tapi judulnya apa ya??? Lupa gue...

And you know what, sepenyelidikan gue... halah, bahasanya... ternyata banyak sekali fobia-fobia menarik di dunia ini =D *topik melenceng*

Wikipedia itu menyediakan so freakin many interesting fact about phobia and who suffers from it =D *kyaa* Jadi pengen baca kisah2nya... =D

Dari wikipedia jugalah gue baru ngeh kalo ternyata "Beatrix Kiddo, a.k.a. The Bride, (Uma Thurman) in Kill Bill suffers taphephobia (fear of being buried alive)" INTERESTING...!!!

*search more on Google*

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