Sunday, August 29, 2004


today i was so happy ^___^ happy! Happy!!! ada cowo lucu di acara temu humas, kyahahaha.... =D
Ups, damn, i even forgot to use the English, huahahaha =D
too excited i almost clap my hands together n jumpin all around ^___^
Well, today i had this event held by my Senate's mate and it's called PR Meet n Greet!!! We invited the whole PR in my university, and that's it...i saw him, firstly i saw him in quite a distance (and i figured, 'well, he's kinda cute, but i'm not sure' =P), but after i saw him from this close =D I immediately embarassing, i can't even talk properly ^#^ It's like...uhm, he's right in front of me but he talking with the friend next to me...oh God, and we were in this small circle and it was so OBVIOUS that i barely could speak T_T but that's Okay...i mean...he even ask me for an introduction after 10 minutes he held this introduction-section with my other friend ... hehehe....hihihi...happy!!!

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