Saturday, October 25, 2003


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I just read Boys Next door by Yuki Kaori n for the first time in my life I think shounen-ai thingis acceptable!!! Can u imagine how does the story change me a lot??? Just read it, will ya? I force u to =P
Anyway, I never thought that Angel Sanctuary will actually be published here in Indonesia, considering howfreak my nation are =P, but pliss...the story was so out of ordinary, you named it n u'll got any, I repeat, ANYdismorality-behaviour in there ^^ But it's cool

For you who don't really know who is the most adorable angel in AS according to opinion =) well, he is my favourite angel of all angel.Proudly present....Michael-sama!!! He's young, he's cool, he's tempered, he's awesome, and personally I think he's kawaii.... ^^

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