The Day I Stepped Onto Another Continent Called.. Europe

So one thing that I remember from my junior high was this assignment where you should draw a HUGE map on a certain continent, and I got Europe for mine.

I loved it. I studied the countries in it. I wished I can visit and see how they live. I become the dreamer that I am today.

And my wish came true. I visited Europe last September 2017. So yay me!

Anyhoo.. Europe is amazing, in a sense that their cities are so highly affected by arts. Sculptures are everywhere. Big architectural buildings, preserved from old ancient times (and roads too, for that matter), making you feel so damn humbled and amazed. The lake, the sky, the traffic, the culture, the lifestyle .. molto bene!


This is the first city I stepped on. I have no expectations to be honest, so I enjoyed this city a lot. Aside from the shock due to the Euro quoted price on stuff, I largely enjoyed everything, from hearing the people talk, the stinking metro, Eiffel and all those shopping avenues. To be honest, walking around in Paris reminded me of Morocco. Dunno why.


The most laid back period of my trip. Haha. Thanks to my very kind uni friends who met at college and decided that they love each other and now are blessed with two beautiful kids. Amsterdam is amazing with that cookie cutter houses and the canals and the smell of weed. I found a lot of familiar words in Bahasa and it downed on me how thick the Dutch influences on Indonesia.

Interlaken, Swiss

Fuckin expensive country.

Florence & Rome

Italy is my obsession throughout the whole Eurotrip. Tuscany area is famous for retirement place, and I can see why. The food in Italy is just delicioso. Mamma mia! And it's freakin affordable. If I don't have the luggage constraints, I would've bought A LOT of things there. Too bad the area we visited is very touristy since, similarly like in Morocco, they segregated the old and new cities. Old ones are dedicated for tourists so it's pretty difficult to make sense of how local is doing.


Well, now I understand why local people of Barcelona protested the influx of tourist coming into their city, because I can see how residential the city is. It's very... local. The price is also affordable. Culinary wise, I'd still prefer Italy though. The level of cute guys, still comparable to hot Italian males. Amsterdam might have been the city with the most so-so looking male, btw.

Anyway, this trip is more "landmark-hunting" kind of trip so I'll be back, for sure!

~written in a car whereas the driver refused to let me drive, so I wrote this blog instead

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