Thursday, March 17, 2016

One too many

Never thought that I will ever think about this stuff in my entire life. What if I had one too many options than I can handle. That is ridiculous. I also think that it may be because I just don't know how to say no. But to which, hell if I know.

This is frustrating, indeed. To be or not to be. To choose or not to choose, or to keep instead. Gah.

Should I or should I not. Letting go of one and keeping the others? But I will be broken in either case. I know I will. That will hurt in some way, so am I ready to feel that? I have never been in this situation before, this new and challenging situation. I feel like a selfish person, wanting to grasp both. What a child. What a child.

Let me contemplate over this for few moments later. I am still allowed, ain't I? So I can make up my mind, making peace with my heart, letting go my feelings, and accept that I will make a hurtful decision.

Each one of them has their own strong points, and I love it all. Why can't a girl have two altogether? Why?

Should I or should I not buy the iPhone5S for IDR 4.8mio and six times installment with 0% interest rate while my old loyal phone still works?

Decision. Decision.

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And here I was thinking about Cardinality when I read your post title. #OOT

LOL. Grammar Masbro ;)