Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Marathon part 2

It's been seriously a while since I did my Western series recap. The last one was this one here so I guess it's been two years now, huh?

Well... I think I started with the easiest one to remember just because it reminded me of what my working environment supposed to be like.
Hahahahaha. You wish. It's SUITS, ladies and gentlemen. Yes I know, I'm way far behind this one, I just watched up to S02E04 *sob sob* but I think I love it. The main reason why I love this series is not because of Mike Ross *insert gasp of surprise here* but more because whomever I despise, they got rid of it soon. Yay. For example, the girlfriend of his best friend? Ha! Out of the line. There's a fine line between romantic hopeless unrequited love for someone you cannot/should not have (e.g. Pearl Harbor, New Moon - haha, Brothers - I'm freakin in love with it, My Bestfriend's Wedding, etc) and inappropriately do so. And SUITS just made my freakin bowel move when they did. Blehh!

And then, there's Modern Family, the most surprisingly entertaining family movie I've ever seen. Ha, everyone in it me likey. The dad, the mom, the main reason why they married in the first place, the idea of differences in them that actually made them click, the moronic son, the gorgeous Haley daughter, the smart-ass Alex, the older-than-his-age Manny, and so on and so on. My most favorite character? Uncle Mitchell. Hahahahaha, don't ask me why, I feel connected with him the most, I guess. His sarcasm is superb. And the moral lesson by the end of the day is so damn touching. Love your family no matter what since in the end, they're all you have left. Aaaawww...

This day and age could really use light heartwarming series like MODERN FAMILY, I guess. You know, to teach them that there's more than open shooting innocent people with fire arm and killing animals during your childhood. *shiver*.

What else? Well, I was preoccupied by New Girl just for the sole reason, and the reason being Zooey Deschanel. Big-big fans since 500 Days of Summer, a movie that I didn't really get actually. Hahaha. But it seemed cool to love it at that time. I just don't remember why. Hmm.

Anyway, New Girl has different level of humor. This one is just down right dirty. Hahahahaha. It's about an offbeat young woman, moves into an apartment loft with three single men. I practically fell from my chair during the episode where all the roommates has seen Nick's stuff (if you know what I mean) but one person, Schmidt. And he insisted. And he's damn well doing a perfect job out of it. Hahahahaha.

Jess: I accidentally saw Nick's peepee and his bubbles.
Winston: It's not a big deal. I've seen Nick's stuff like a million times.
Schmidt: You have? I mean, how?
Winston: We grew up together. Locker rooms, swimming pools, penis fights, it just happens.
Schmidt: Why haven't I seen it?
Winston: Why do you wanna see it?
Schmidt: He's my best friend.
Winston: Again, why do you wanna see it?
Schmidt: What if Nick gets into an accident? What if he is horribly disfigured and I have to identify him and all that remains are his private parts. And I'm standing there and I'm saying 'Sorry, officer, I can't help you because no, I haven't seen his penis' and then boom, he's buried in an unmarked grave.

~Super goblok...

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breaking bad > all

eh... dulu kayanya lo pernah ngasi gw deh Breaking Bad... Sama Freaks n Geeks... but my hdd crash and burn T_T pinjem lagi, temannn

Suits S02E04 is not late, season 2 is the current season ;)