Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Okaiy.. here goes nothing..

FLIPPED (2010) is strongly recommended to you guys who's a bit tired of deep-mind-analysis and/or serious-case-of-special-effect kind of movie, such as Inception, Black Swan, Transformers, Twilight (pfttt!), etc.

This one gathered the rating 7.5 in IMDB and achieved 9/10 rating from yours truly.

It's about a girl named July Baker, an eight grade middle schooler, who conveniently believes that one day, her neighbor Bryce Loski will kiss her. And this one is formatted as she-said-he-said type of narrative.

Juli is the adventurous and interesting one. Bryce just wants to fit in at their Junior High School. Juli slowly begins to unlike Bryce and Bryce slowly begins to appreciate Juli. Will they ever meet at the same emotional place at the same time? That is the drama and story.

It's super fresh despite the oldies background, and maybe it came in the right moment when things are seriously high-tech these days. Having a crush no longer means calling their home and hanging up when they answered it. It no longer means visiting your neighbor and yelling, "Let's go out and play!".

It's highly dosed up with super simplicity and yet it brought great humbleness in appreciating vintage time. The setting is in 60's where no mobile phone had been invented and the only way to socialize is actually by knocking on your neighbor's door and bringing them cookies. Aw, sweet old time.

The tagline is you never forget your first love, which is... awwww...

By the way, the actress playing younger Juli Baker.. wow, I nearly thought, "Is Suri Cruise taking a role already? Super look-alike. So friggin cute!"
Sigh.. okay, nuff said, I just tremendously LOVE this movie, go out and watch it if you want.

2 tasted the wine:

mau maaaaayyyy...... keknya keren.. ah missed those good ol days when you have to call someone to their home and says:

Halo Pak, bisa bicara dengan XXX?


yes... ada nih di gue... so easy breezy kok this movie, cuy