Saturday, February 25, 2012

Second Attempt

This month I did the reminiscing thing, travelling back to where I were August 2010, yes, one of my favorite city, Bangkok. This time, instead of visiting temples and palaces like any sane tourist would do, I went on and on to places I know best. Shopping markets and malls. Love this second time experience. I get to try new routes, new BTS stations, new adventure to the very far places in Bangkok, the one and only.. IKEA store.

Damn, I could go on and on, inspecting, trying, admiring, aah-ing and ooh-ing every lil piece of things in that store. Why oh why Indonesian Government didn't allow such store exist in this nation? Maybe it's not necessary the pieces that I love about IKEA, but the way they designed those rooms, invented those furniture, and arranged them in one spectacular shopping experience. We could try and attempt an IKEA-wannabe store at the very least, can't we? I'm having this lil excitement everytime I imagine I have my own furniture shops. My own big dream.

The other weird place I went was Forensic Museum. This was one crazy idea, and I have no idea what to expect. Haha. So there's this Siriraj Hospital, the first hospital in Bangkok, gathering the five section of their dept section such as parasitology, Thai's medicine, anatomy, etc into one integrated museum. It's pretty simple in appearance, but hell-to-the-o.. the way to get into there, it's like solving one of those mazes. Museum, turn left. Museum, turn right. Museum, right this way. Museum.. we're back at the first spot -_-"

Inside, I'm having another excitement seeing mummified babies with anomalies during birth and/or pregnancy. Pretty kewl. The conjoined heart, babies with no head skull, babies with too large of a head, mermaid babies, etc. TOO BAD THEY DIDN'T ALLOW ANY PICTURES! *cries*

And then there's this forensic section, showing lots and lots of human skulls and bones, with various causes of death, such as bullet, grenades, stabbing, etc. And yay they're showing pictures of it =____= Suicides victims from slicing their wrist, shooting point blank, train crashes, car accident, propeller injuries, axe, SUPER CRAZY! I'm a bit excited cause I'm no doctor, since I figured, if I was a doctor, seing this thing would be normal and so-so, no?

Then we're seeing mummified human organs, like black-ish lungs due to nicotine, swelling hearts due to i-dunno-the-medical-name-but-it-was-like-heart-attack, cancer pictures, all those deppresing illnesses. Phew. Seeing all those things made us want to do some exercises and joining any sports. At one point, my friend asked me, "What EXACTLY are we doing here????" Hahahahahahahaha.

Anyway, they also had this mummified raper and murderer and infamous canibal, namely Si Quey and one other name I cannot remember. See, we were handed this headset to allow us the hear audio version of any museum item's explanation. During this criminal section, the background music is a bit creepy -___-" Particularly during Si Quey, there's this voices of children, presumably to trigger the eerie reminiscence of the life of those children before they were murdered and being eaten. HUEKSSS!

By the way, i visited this city with bunch of my office colleagues, so basically what we did was EAT, EAT, and EAT more. I tried everything, grilled pork, crocodile's meat, noodles with pork, anything pork-ish.. and my friends finally tasted the fried bugs. HAHAHAHA, so fascinating seeing them eating those things, made me wanna try some, but the appearance is not-so-tasteful so maybe next time. They ate the silk worm, bees, grasshopper, anything but the scorpion. Cause that one is expensive. Cheap skate bastard! =D

The downside of this trip is I still don't get the experience of watching movies in their cinemas T_T And bowling.. and dining at Coca Suki.. HAHAHAHAHA..

All in all, Bangkok, I'll miss you and you'll always be one of my getaway cities. See you some other time.

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kok paragraf ketiga dari bawah, kalimatnya kayaknya belom selesai ya?

I saw one of those roasted bugs cart at sukhumvit hawker steet. But have no guts trying it that time and not in the future *yucks*

So, is it delicious?

How am I supposed to know xD Have no guts either to try it. Maybe next time, hahaha.

But judging from the sounds my friends made.. it's like roasted chicken, if not more delicious x)

I feel very bad for these babies you should of never took a picture of them if I were the mother of those babies I would not let anyone take a picture. This is very unusually but I don't understand why you are calling them mermaid babies if they are conjoined at their hearts. You guys should take the picture off of the internet. It said no pictures but yet you take one. >:(