Saturday, March 13, 2010

Oscar and Biggie Movies

People said pictures worth a thousand words, so what would be better than a bunch of interesting art-defined pictures taken by New York Times to describe my contented movie-watching experience this year?

Avatar. One big fantasy movie with detailed art graphic and marvelous creature. The plot line was so-so, but I figured they deserved the recognition. Sam Worthington transformed in this movie, I hardly recognized him once he changed his hairstyle over and over again. Tsk tsk.

Up In The Air. Sweet movie! Love the effortless act of George Clooney in this one, especially when his shot was up-close in the picture, great face line, anyway.

The Blind Side. Anyone had this one yet? I searched for it like crazy since like 5 months ago but til now I haven't go it... yet..

Inglorious Basterd. Yay, this guy won the Oscar. So happy for him, my all-time favorite for bad guy.

Brothers. Again, I haven't got my hand on this one T_T Why is it movies I looked for since half years ago suddenly hard to find?

Nine. A performance I have not got the chance to see, but really look forward to. I always such a sucker for musical performance.

Invictus. Aaaargh, really.. seriously, I haven't got this one out yet too =_=

The Hangover. Light comedy and hilarious coincidence with all those drunkards people. But I had fun time watching it.

2 tasted the wine:

i got the blind side.

me want, me want....!!! avi kan bukan DVD?