Saturday, August 25, 2007


Ever felt something similar to a burden on your weight, a feeling that you shouldn't brag to anyone or couldn't complain to anyone, or even telling them how you feel, simply because you're not really in the high moment at the time?

Well, I s'pose to acknowledge my lack of attention on those things.. But today it felt so damn real. I could not send any of my messages without the pang of guilty. And that's because I do not want to bother them with my problem, my sorrow mood, unhappy days, or anything else. How weird is that?

Me, the master of ignorance, actually had a second thought on bothering people with my own problem. Great! And next morning I'll see sun rises from the west.

Had I posted this several days ago, somebody will be pissed off.. And that refers to me.. So, lesson learnt, never post anything depressing while your emotion in a labil condition =P

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