Part 1: She Knows He Knows

He touched her finger that was still pointed at his chest, "Still manage to scare the day out of me, I see." She smiled. Too sweetly. "Are you trying to get us killed? Not a good day to die, you say?".

How To Cross Road In Margonda

Somebody should publish this kind of booklet long before I even got enrolled in University of Indonesia. Duh! 1. If there's eventually a traffic light for passerby, please DO pay attention. It's not there for decoration purpose (only).

Dream High

Once upon a time, in one particular high school, lived one particular girl student. Let's call her Suzy. Not only that she got the looks, she also had the wealth and singing talent and lots of antis. All things other girls could only imagine.

Story From Far Java

On my last visit to Jogja (seriously this city has something captivating), I happened to visit Kraton Ngayogyakarta Hadiningrat and Kraton Surakarta in one-day-trip to Solo.

Letting Go

The big question of letting go bugged my mind around these last couple of months. Some things.. are they worth to keep, or should I let them go. Think I'm pretty good of letting things go, but when inputs and comments started to coming in, I'd have to reconsider my decision.

Friday, March 8, 2019

Grey Area Called Truce

They walked in brisk pace as if they were in pursuit. Of something called foolishness? Potentially. 

He took a sudden turn into a gangly looking alley behind a local fruit stall, unseen from the wary eyes, unless of course those eyes are specifically looking for it. 

"Nice place you got here, M."

The hint of sarcasm was not missed. He brushed it off and kept walking, gave a subtle nod to the guy in the fruit stall, and suddenly several boxes of pineapples oranges and melons were being neatly stacked behind them, blocking their way in. Or out?

She stole a glimpse of shady dark windows above their head, looking damp and miserable. How can she never realize there is this slum part of  Rogue, the city well known for its shiny appearance?

"It's interesting," she remarked.

"What is?"

"How you look like you belong here, after only five minutes ago you looked like a normal middle class in the side of the street of Rogue."

He chuckled.

"We're still in Rogue, and don't think I didn't get your middle class remark."

She shrugged. "What happened, Morocco?"

"I'll explain. Just lose your watch dogs. I know you well, Lola, lose them and I will let you know what happen."

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

The Day I Stepped Onto Another Continent Called.. Europe

So one thing that I remember from my junior high was this assignment where you should draw a HUGE map on a certain continent, and I got Europe for mine.

I loved it. I studied the countries in it. I wished I can visit and see how they live. I become the dreamer that I am today.

And my wish came true. I visited Europe last September 2017. So yay me!

Anyhoo.. Europe is amazing, in a sense that their cities are so highly affected by arts. Sculptures are everywhere. Big architectural buildings, preserved from old ancient times (and roads too, for that matter), making you feel so damn humbled and amazed. The lake, the sky, the traffic, the culture, the lifestyle .. molto bene!


This is the first city I stepped on. I have no expectations to be honest, so I enjoyed this city a lot. Aside from the shock due to the Euro quoted price on stuff, I largely enjoyed everything, from hearing the people talk, the stinking metro, Eiffel and all those shopping avenues. To be honest, walking around in Paris reminded me of Morocco. Dunno why.


The most laid back period of my trip. Haha. Thanks to my very kind uni friends who met at college and decided that they love each other and now are blessed with two beautiful kids. Amsterdam is amazing with that cookie cutter houses and the canals and the smell of weed. I found a lot of familiar words in Bahasa and it downed on me how thick the Dutch influences on Indonesia.

Interlaken, Swiss

Fuckin expensive country.

Florence & Rome

Italy is my obsession throughout the whole Eurotrip. Tuscany area is famous for retirement place, and I can see why. The food in Italy is just delicioso. Mamma mia! And it's freakin affordable. If I don't have the luggage constraints, I would've bought A LOT of things there. Too bad the area we visited is very touristy since, similarly like in Morocco, they segregated the old and new cities. Old ones are dedicated for tourists so it's pretty difficult to make sense of how local is doing.


Well, now I understand why local people of Barcelona protested the influx of tourist coming into their city, because I can see how residential the city is. It's very... local. The price is also affordable. Culinary wise, I'd still prefer Italy though. The level of cute guys, still comparable to hot Italian males. Amsterdam might have been the city with the most so-so looking male, btw.

Anyway, this trip is more "landmark-hunting" kind of trip so I'll be back, for sure!

~written in a car whereas the driver refused to let me drive, so I wrote this blog instead

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Monday, November 21, 2016

Catatan The Explorer

Explorer? Me? Nah! Traveler paling malas sedunia lebih tepatnya, males nenteng backpack berat, males naik tangga, males bangun pagi, males tidur malem, males kejar2 itinerary dan list to-be-seen di suatu kota. Tapi paling hobi keluar Jakarta. Kalau ada assignment luar Jakarta (misalnya Depok wkwk) pasti gw bakal selalu unjuk2 jari (tapi entah mengapa jarang kepilih 😢)  kayanya kurang keahlian memanah hati bos-bos, atau kurang dianggap cowo (which is DUH, ya pastilah, kadar estrogen gw kan tinggi sangat)

Anyway keluar Jakarta itu (atau ke luar domisili di mana pun gw berada) buat gw selalu menyenangkan. Why? Karena i enjoy people-watching activities. Kalo gw maen di Game of Thrones, mungkin gw adalah naganya (ya kali). I mean gw bakal jadi Watchers of The Wall. (Sambil berpikir kayanya job desc kurang nyambung ama minat,  like always)

People watching is interesting because i always come into the same conclusion. 

(1) Di mana2 semuanya adalah sama. Orang Arab yang hidungnya mancung2 dan putih2 dan ganteng2 (relatif) yang kalo ke Indo bakal jadi bintang pelem atau wisatawan ke puncak, di negara mereka tetep aja ada yang shitty ada yang baek. Ada yang kaya ada yang kere. Ada yang bajingan ada yang malaikat. Di Indo kalau lewat pasar suka disahutin, "Mari kakaa.." Kalo di Maroko suka disahutin, "China?? India?? Japan?? Konnichiwa.." 

(2) Apa yang baik di negara orang belum tentu baik di negara kita. Contoh turban. Di negara padang pasir, turban ini adalah anugerah ilahi. Karena selain bisa bikin rambut gw terlihat abis bonding, kepala bisa adem dan pasir ga bisa masuk mulut/hidung. Kalau dipake di Indonesia, biasanya bakal disangka pelaku demo anarkis yang bawa-bawa pentung. 

(3) Apa yang baik di negara kita belom tentu baik di negara orang. Contoh sholat ke arah Barat. Ini agak kocak soalnya entah mengapa temen gw cerita pas di mesjid dia ud cek arah kiblat Barat di hape eh ternyata dikasi tau salah arah dong. Ehm? Tapi ya sudahlah, jadilah di mana langit dipijak di situ langit dijunjung.

(4) Alay akan selalu ada dan belum disinyalir akan punah. Jika alay di Indo akan nyapa dengan, "Lam knal." Maka alay di Maroko akan nyapa dengan, "Slt." Cukup lama gw berkontemplasi dengan arti kata slt ini. Dan gw berkesimpulan ini artinya either "Salamat" or "Salud" secara mereka suka pake French gtu. I mean, what is wrong with typing the whole word properly. It will not cost you any different. Jaman SMS harga per huruf udah lewat, bro! Plis! Kzl!

(5) Cinta ga kenal usia atau ras atau latar belakang (eaa). Tiap kali liat pasangan2 beda ras atau beda latar belakang pasti gw bakal awww sendiri. Padahal bisa aja mereka bukan pasangan HAHAHAHA. Tapi gw akan selalu menebak-nebak poin perbedaan apa yang bikin mereka berdua itu klop, apa yang dilengkapi oleh si A dan apa yang dilengkapi oleh si B. Gw diskusi serius (tapi sumpah ga penting) malem2 dengan topik ini ama temen gw. Dia selalu at first impression ngeliat persamaan dalam sebuah(?) pasangan. "Mereka kayanya sama2 tukang makan deh." "Mereka pasti suka traveling deh berdua." "Mereka pasti pecinta tato tuh". Kalau gw? Berhubung gw introvert dan ga suka nyapa orang, maka gw akan ngarang like this, "Ih cewenya bawel banget tapi cowonya pendiam ya." "Aww cowonya tinggi besar tapi cewenya kecil imut ya." "Wow cowonya ud mature banget dibanding cewenya yang masih lasak sana sini." Etc etc. Kalau kamu bagaimana? (Ala-ala pertanyaan majalah remaja)

Intinya...? Intinya banyak2lah keluar dari rumah biar bisa lihat dunia. Kalo belom ada rejeki ya banyak2lah lembur biar ada rejeki. Karena dunia ga selebar daun kelor (padahal hingga detik ini gw ga tau tampang daun kelor) but ironically the world is so small that you will be so impressed.

Hopefully next year I will travel and see new random places all over again and be amazed by it.

(Ditulis saat nungguin delay KLM selama sejam padahal mereka sok banget nyuru2 boarding satu setengah jam sebelum flight. See, ga pesawat mahal ga pesawat murah sama2 bakal delay at some point in time)

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Monday, April 18, 2016

My Past Month

Apparently when you plan for something, it usually will not work, not immediately. At least that was what usually happened in my case.

I planned to be able to drive, so I took a driving course. Thinking that I might be able to slip one or two days of work into driving classes. But then, real life happened. By the second class, I was a bit tired and bored, because all I did was to conquer the fuckin road bump (apa sik bahasa inggrisnya Polisi Tidur?). Then I guess I would only be able to finish the whole class by next month, a bit late than what I expected.


Another thing that I applied for was actually being granted. A bit easier than I thought. And by that I mean its most annoying part was to get my photo taken.

Yep, my 'Murica visa. Yay! A visa with no clear plan of traveling there. Thank you my lovely office for limiting my annual leaves.

What else? Oh yeah, I did buy that IPhone 5S. Resulting in me having two fuckin phones. Because I'm so fuckin cheapo, that's why. I think I should've trusted myself better. If my phone is still wearable, I would never throw it away. Ever. So welcome my daily life with heavy bag, because now I carried around three phones along with the office's Blackberry.

Hmm.. I think this post should be warned with tagline #braggingComplaint or something like that.

Thursday, March 17, 2016

One too many

Never thought that I will ever think about this stuff in my entire life. What if I had one too many options than I can handle. That is ridiculous. I also think that it may be because I just don't know how to say no. But to which, hell if I know.

This is frustrating, indeed. To be or not to be. To choose or not to choose, or to keep instead. Gah.

Should I or should I not. Letting go of one and keeping the others? But I will be broken in either case. I know I will. That will hurt in some way, so am I ready to feel that? I have never been in this situation before, this new and challenging situation. I feel like a selfish person, wanting to grasp both. What a child. What a child.

Let me contemplate over this for few moments later. I am still allowed, ain't I? So I can make up my mind, making peace with my heart, letting go my feelings, and accept that I will make a hurtful decision.

Each one of them has their own strong points, and I love it all. Why can't a girl have two altogether? Why?

Should I or should I not buy the iPhone5S for IDR 4.8mio and six times installment with 0% interest rate while my old loyal phone still works?

Decision. Decision.

Sunday, February 21, 2016

New Year New Perspective

I am now in the second year of being a manager in my office. A decision that I hope my bosses wouldn't come to regret. Hahaha. But they offered me a challenge of series of KPIs so that I have the chance to become a Senior Manager. Lets see if I am up for it or not.

But firstly, I joined a very interesting and helpful series of training from Asiaworks starting in last January. I think the training got bad reviews from somewhere in the internet, but I didn't read it so far because I think people are entitled to their opinion. But for me, the trainer (and its trainings) helped me to look at things at new perspective. That is the most impactful lesson of the training. It raised my level of self awareness and helped me to explain why I did things the way I did. So I can change it if I thought it wasn't effective. Very cool experience of a training.

Also, i know more people that I can possibly know in the span of two months. Various people of various background, e.g. play artist, creative directors, architects, illustrators, health service people, doctors, entrepreneurs, all kinds of people. I love it. I love them all, especially people from the Advance training because I got to know them better. I have new friends from Medan, even. A couple of husband and wife who has been through failed marriage for three times and now got together with 5 kids. Amazing. Both have amazing personalities, but even they got something from the training.

Anyway. My life at the office should improve by now, hahaha, because I reacted at things differently now. More positive, more responsible (except for the microwave I blew up last week OMG what a classic me! Hahaha), and more caring than I used to. I hope.

Lots of people reminding me of my goals, lots of people care about my health, so it is time for me to care for others as well. Starting from my mom. Nowadays I call her and explicitly told her that I love her, a gesture that is considered very weird and awkward in my family but heck I did it anyway. I think she also gets it because these days when she talked with me, her tone is much more soothing and calm and not annoyed or madly hysterical making her blood tension level up. I talked with people more often because I realize the fear of rejection is just in my head. Then next is my apartment along with the roommate. Hahah, the closest things usually are the most left out things. I will ensure it will not be the case.

I have arranged a new trip to Morocco this year. The longest trip I arranged so far, three freakin weeks. Ow what the fuck, go for it anyway! I had my annual leave especially for this but if it is not enough, I will apply for one month unpaid leave.

What else, oh yeah, driving class and swimming lesson. Baby steps, my! Baby steps.

I also will take more mature decision about my love life. I will support the guy that I choose and giving him feedback if I think it's necessary. I will no more be the whining adolescent who expects ready product of something.

If not now, then when. Right?

Saturday, June 27, 2015

My day of Hunting

I just found out that I drafted this post almost 4-5 years ago


Hari ini, dan hari-hari sebelumnya, again I have nothing to do in particular at my office. Alhasil, gue jadi browsing-browsing dengan gagah berani, menyelip sana-sini di antara koneksi internet klien gue yang menggemaskan.

Lucu amat tu internet, ngeblokir situs tergantung mood, detik ini semua lokal bisa tapi internasional ngga bisa, trus 5 menit kemudian, lokal dan internasional sebagian doang yang bisa.. AAARGH.. emosi jiwa sayah..

Anyway, setelah browsing-browsing ke akhirnya gue kepikiran buat belanja online cara tradisional. Dimulai dengan iseng-iseng ngeliatin butik online temen kantor gue ( yang tas-tasnya luthu-luthu, akhirnya berimbas ke google dengan keyword "jual harlem beat" HEHEHEHEHE.

Seru juga tawar-menawar ma orang ngga dikenal via email dan sms. Rata-rata ngasi harga Rp 9000 - Rp 10.000 per buku belum termasuk ongkos kirim. Mahal amat yah. Mengingat itu komik dijual jaman gue smp-sma... Dan mengingat itu ada 29 eksemplar, for God's sake, masa ngga dikasi diskon? Gue kan ngga beli sebiji-2 biji...

Udah gitu dari Harlem Beat beralih ke Beyond The BlindFold. Ni komik seinget gue sih bagus, cuman gue masi ragu buat ngebeli setelah mengingat dan menimbang bahwasanya temen saya, Cecep, kayanya sih punya. Tapi gue masi napsu aja ma si Harlem Beat. Keren sih tu komik seinget gue.

Hal yang sama terjadi waktu gue berjalan-jalan ke toko buku dan kalap membeli Poor Prince lengkap 1-14. Waw. Untung harga yang dipasang masih harga lama Rp 7500-an jadi sih ngga mencekik leher.

Ah, memang kalo beli buku gue bisa lupa diri dan lupa ingatan (akan kondisi tabungan) T___T Kemaren berhubung Gramedia promosi disc 20% all item (dan tambahan 10% lagi kalo make BNI card) diperpanjang sampai akhir Juni, serta-mertalah gue ke sono dan memborong buku senilai setengah jutaan dan ternyata hanya di-charge Rp 300rb SAJAH! Hohoho. Aku senaaang. >__< Pengen ke sono lagi tapi takut ngga bisa makan sampai akhir bulan =( Hiks.

Duuuuh... I love books A LOT. Prefer beli buku daripada beli makan/sepatu/baju/tas. Hahahahahaha. Prioritas yang aneh. Mungkin ini akibat didikan orang tua gue yang keras (baca: PELIT) dalam hal pembelian buku cerita. Bayangin gue ngga pernah, not even once, dibeliin komik ato buku cerita whatsoever kecuali that one time emak gue kesambet entah apa tiba-tiba ngebawain gue oleh-oleh serial misteri sebiji. HEBAT! That was master card moment. Nothing can buy it =D Masih gue inget sejelas-jelasnya sampe detik ini gmana rasanya menerima tu buku dari tangan emak gue.

Nah, thanks to that childhood memories, I got my own revenge now. Huhuhu, tiap kali ada duit gue langsung beli buku. Pake duit sendiri. Pake hasil keringat sendiri. Ngga minta-minta nyokap. Ngga pake uang jajan yang disisihkan (karena pada prinsipnya tu duit dari ortu juga jadi sama saja BOHONG!) dan ta-da. Saya bangga. Hehehee

Monday, June 30, 2014

Just a quick update

It's only days before I turned 30. The sacred number, or like one of my friends like to put it, the wizardry age..

"There's a legend in the internet if you stay virgin on 30, you're becoming a wizard."
Huh O_o
Anyway, apparently since the last time I checked in to this blog, I've been to several places, traveled to see new people and experienced new culture.

Let's see.. some of my notable journeys
  • Hong Kong and Thailand in November 2013
    An enjoyable trip, mostly doing girly things, we shop, we eat, we laugh, we got lost.. HAHAHAHAHA.. Hong Kong is a nice place, we met with a couple of old people, took pictures of them, listened to their stories, exchanged kisses on the cheek multiple times (why??), tried every single means of transportation, love it. Macau is as amazing as Hong Kong, cooler and fancier of course. I didn't dare to step into the casinos for the fear of getting rejected at the front door due to my youthful and innocent face (yuck!)
  • Bali in January 2014
    Somebody is getting anxious for being 30. So off we go to the island of gods. I always like Bali, dunno why but I always enjoyed its different ambiance. I cannot swim but I still love its culture, its beach, the story of gods..I'm supposed to meet some people while I was there but alas, next time maybe..
  • Tokyo in April 2014
    My first solo trip overseas. Yay. I arranged SO MANY meetings with strangers (mostly from couchsurfer, don't get your panties twisted) I barely have time to be sorrow and lonely. I love this city a lot. It's so damn clean, the people are so helpful, the culture is splendid and its landmarks were amazing. I met with interesting people, I went to karaoke with them, hunt for fresh sushi with an Israeli girl, even meet with one of my high school friend unprecedented. Amazing things happened when you traveled alone, I guess.
  • Belitong in May 2014
    To balance things out, let's visit our own land. Belitong, the super rich land for anyone could simply grab some sands and found the dark of tin. I love the beach and its stones, although the underwater is not as amazing as ones in Sulawesi, I still love the place. The tour guide is excellent, yes.. me, the cheapo traveler decided to use tour guide.. because this is princess-trip. Hahahahaha.

I think that's it.. I have no other trip planned for the rest of the year.. oh wait.. maybe Jogja (yay, multiple trips) but that's basically it. *sad faces*

On the bright side, I'm gonna go to Japan again next year, HURRAY! This time I successfully make my three other friends join me, muahahaha, sumimasen minna-san... i'm gonna be bothering you again in no time.

What else? Ah, love life... okay... bitter topic.. when am I gonna go to Europe? Italy! Hahahaha. Please my dear boss let me take unpaid leave of two months.

These last few months were the months of dispirited, lack-of-enthusiasm and the most unproductive thinking in my life. I'm super galau because basically I don't care anymore with my job, I spent so many times trying to make things stay afloat yet it all slowly crumbles. I'm getting bad review, bad feedback, yet false compliment from some other people. Weird.

I even nearly got a panic attack since I have no idea what to do with my life. Never before in my life I have such a lousy mindset. Never. I talked with some strangers, and basically all I did is to make short-term goals. Making goals helped me to clear my mind and to focus. That's actually fun.

Here are my short term goals:
  • learn to swim
  • apply for scholarship, this time I'm gonna choose something that I actually have a passion in
  • learn to drive a car
  • enroll in a gym
  • go to Italy
  • get certification
  • start my online business
Yep.. that's pretty simple.. but that helped me go through the days. Wish me luck, dear people!

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Ayam Suwe

A couple of months ago (seemed seriously like YEARS ago), I was involved in an engagement, nope, not the one prior to any wedding (I wishhhh!), but a project engagement. The time period was typically short, one month and extended into another month. But hell if that was the first time (in a really long time) I felt like jumping out of my 35th floor office cubicle.. not to the ground, mind you, but rather jumping into an embrace of a gentleman (halahhh).

Yeah, anyway, in this so called time-period of the project, semangat nasionalisme gw sangat membara dan I ended up staying at office real late, mostly at 11 PM, but it is not rare that I went home nearing dawn (okeh, lebay). It's all up to my wallet situation, really. When me having no shit, I insisted to go home at 11 PM since it was the last train to catch up.

Standard conversation with the cab driver
Supir: Malem, Mba. Mau dianter ke mana?
Gw: Malem, Pak. Ke stasiun Sudirman ya.
Supir: Loh? Malem-malem gini masih ada kereta, Mba?
Gw: Masih, Pak. Yang terakhir 10 menit lagi.
Supir: APAAAA???

dan taksi pun melaju dengan percepatan yang real impressive.

Every single time. 

Yah anyway, it's not the cab driver that I want to blog about, but rather seekor ayam. Ayam suwe, I called it.

Jadi genee, entah sejak kapan, tetangga gw yang aneh-aneh itu memutuskan untuk memelihara seekor ayam. Ayamnya sejujurnya sampe detik ini gw masih ngga melihat wujudnya, mungkin (alhamdulillah) kami tidak berjodoh, tapi suaranya Oh My Goddd, suaranya akan terus terbawa hingga ke alam bawah sadar gw. Tiap kali beliau berkokok, suaranya mirip ayam ketawa yang lagi ngetren di Sulawesi Selatan sana. Kukuruyukkkk..hehehehehe... gtu deh, mirip-mirip.

Awalnya gw pulang pagi, sekitar jam 2an, ni ayam berkokok pas gw lewat tu rumah. Ah, wajar, udah mau matahari terbit (ya ngga juga sihhh sebenernya), begitu pikirku. Cuek dong.
Trus gw pulang jam 12 malem teng macam Cinderella miskin, lewat tu rumah lagi, dan dia berkokok. Gilak rajin abis ni ayam, orang-orang masih tidur dia udah berkokok. Kampretnya, pas gw pulang jam 7 malem pun, si ayam setan keparat ini berkokok aja gtu. Semacam santai, brayyy! 

Gwnya sih yang ngga sante banget. Ngga tau ya, apa gara-gara pengaruh tu project atau emang gw sensi ama ayam, gw BENCI banget denger kokokan ayam ituh. Ni apa sih, gw bahkan udah berusaha ngga pulang larut-larut malem banget biar beliau ngga kebangun dan berkokok (lagian emang ayam tidur apa?), sungguh sebuah perjuangan.

Rasanya kaya disindir ama ayam, ngerti gak? Pas pulang jam 2 pagi dia berkokok, seolah dia ngomong, "Pagi amat pulangnya, Neng!". Pas pulang jam 12 malem, "Ngga bisa lebih pagi lagi pulangnya?". Pas jam 7 malem, "Tumbeeeennn..."

Wow, gw super tertekan sih waktu itu, hahahaha. Seolah apa pun yang gw lakukan, jam berapa pun gw pulang, GUEHH SELALU SALAH DI MATA AYAM. Bedebah!

Temen kantor gw pernah nelfon gw pas gw udah pulang jam 8an malem, udah nyampe kost, dan tiba-tiba si ayam suwe berkokok. Temen gw ampe ngakak, "Vampir apa gemana tu ayam? Jam segini baru bangun!"

Ya kali..

Untunglah mimpi buruk itu sudah berlalu, project sudah selesai, ayam suwe sudah berkokok dengan normal di siang hari (weird, eh?).

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Post Travel Effect. Toraja edition

Aigoo... berhubung di luar sana masih macet parah, mari melanjutkan cerita perjalanan tahun lalu, yuk.

Seusai makan Palu Basa.. berangkatlah kita ke Toraja. Fyi, seingat saya, perjalanannya itu memakan waktu 8 jam yah (totally blank) dengan menggunakan bus-bus yang tersedia di berbagai titik di Makassar. Rombongan saya waktu itu memilih Bus Litha yang pangkalannya terletak di jalan di depan sebuah mall yang saya juga lupa namanya. Hahahaha. Harga tiketnya (again, kalo ngga salah) 120 ribu Rupiah, beda tipis dengan yang versi exclusive apalah-apalah yang menyediakan ruang kaki lebih lebar (150 ribu, uhm no thanks). Sepanjang perjalanan tidur, hanya sesekali diselingi rasa puyeng karena bus terasa berputar-putar menaiki gunung.

Tiba di Rantepao sekitar jam 6 pagi. So sweet. Perbedaan cuaca benar-benar jomplang berhubung kita baru panas-panasan di Tanjung Bira, kali ini di Tana Toraja udaranya sejuk macam di Puncak siang-siang. Yang paling sweet adalah di sepanjang perjalanan banyak pohon-pohon Natal yang dibuat ngga pake pohon cemara tapi bambu yang dihiasi lampu warna-warni. Huaaa, lovely December it is. 

Kita langsung diturunkan di depan Hotel Pison. Di Rantepao ini semuanya sih harusnya bisa within walking distance, tapi kalau ngga mau susah, banyak bentor-bentor (i.e. becak motor) yang memasang tarif 5,000 untuk jarak yang dekat tapi ngga dekat-dekat amat. Sebagai anak kota, entah mengapa tujuan pertama adalah mall, dunno why, hanya Tuhan yang tahu. Bapak-bapak yang jadi tour guide di sana hanya terkekeh pas kita nanya mall ada di mana. Dia menunjukkan arah Matahari Dept Store dan eng ing eng... itu bangunan tersedih yang pernah saya lihat yang mengklaim dirinya sebagai mall. Dude, puh-lease. Cat bangunannya ijo kusam, aspal jalanan masuk masih lobang-lobang, isinya juga cuma satu lantai dengan barang-barang seadanya. Bahkan kondisi pasar pun masih lebih mendingan sih daripada Matahari Dept. Store yang ini. Tsk tsk tsk.

Anyway, menurut info yang beredar dari mulut ke mulut (hmmm, mulut ke mulut), akan ada perayaan penguburan di Tana Toraja keesokan harinya. APAAAA? Itu kan event abad ini yang ngga boleh dilewatkan sepanjang sejarahhhh!!! *lebay* Kocak sih, dari rombongan saya, teteup ngga ada yang seniat itu bangun pagi buat nekin tempat pewe untuk menonton upacara adatnya. Kita masih selow-bro mode-on padahal tahu bakal macet banget ke lokasi upacara. Dan hasilnya memang tidak salah, hahahaha.. RAME GILAK tu tempat. Udah gtu, prosesi penguburannya aga blur karena pihak keluarganya kayanya banyak yang udah jadi perantau yah jadi ngga gtu2 amat ngikutin prosesinya. Lucu siy. Salah satu prosesinya adalah mengangkat peti jenasah yang udah ditaruh di semacam kereta gtu (which I can imagine GOTTA BE HEAVY), trus diangkut ke sini ke sana ke situ ke mari diiringi dengan teriakan-teriakan dan tawa canda... semua dengan tujuan agar almarhum bingung dengan arah dan ngga bisa balik ke rumah. Wkwkwkwk. Lucu yak.

Sampai sore kita nongkrong di lokasi penguburan, lumayan ngga enak sih soalnya sodara bukan kenalan juga bukan, tapi akhirnya cuek soalnya wartawan yang ngeliput parah banyaknya. Ada juga yang kinclong di sana, katanya sih pembawa acara jalan-jalan gtu. Auk deh sapa. Kita niatin nunggu sampe acara adu tedong (i.e. adu kerbau) tapi sayang sekaliiii hanya dapet acara penyembelihan kerbau soalnya keburu hujan. Dengar-dengar sih kalo acara penguburannya lumayan besar, bisa sampe 2-3 hari. Wow, amazing! Waktu acara penyembelihan kerbau lumayan ngeri. Soalnya kerbaunya kaya dilonggarkan gtu talinya jadi bisa lari ke sana sini. Semacam matadornya Spanyol, tapi yang versi Toraja, si matadornya bawa golok (._.)

Hujan-hujan akhirnya kita melanjutkan ke tempat makam bayi yang ditaruh di dalam batang pohon. Itu tour guidenya sih amat sangat dedicated sih. Baju udah basah kuyub, teteup aja dong kita disuruh keluar liatin kuburan. Seriously ini wisata kuburan banget judulnya. Why, karena Toraja memakamkan rakyatnya dengan cara yang tidak biasa, yaitu dengan menggali tebing-tebing atau batu-batu besar untuk dimasukkan peti mati. Mungkin menurut mereka, kalau ada cara yang susah, kenapa memilih cara yang gampang?

Saya pernah bertanya kenapa mereka tidak menguburkan keluarganya dengan cara yang standar aja yaitu dimasukkan ke dalam tanah. Tour guidenya jawab, "Soalnya masih banyak tebing di Toraja. Tanah dipakai untuk bertani dan beternak." Oooh.. That's why berhati-hatilah bila menepi di jalan untuk foto-foto di atas batu besar. Karena bisa jadi tu batu adalah kuburan, JENG JENG!!

Sisa hari di Toraja dihabiskan dengan berburu kain Toraja, pernak-pernik Toraja, merambah pasar dan sok-sok-an menawar harga kerbau (150 juta saja, juragan) dan tentunya makan. Makanan paling mengesankan adalah makanan di Hotel Pison, ayam apaa gtu pokoknya kaya dipepes pake bambu. Kalau mau makan itu, kudu mesen dulu beberapa jam sebelumnya biar disiapkan dulu. Enyak deh ikuuu.

Pulang ke Jakarta, kita pun bertukar foto, bertukar cerita, keep in touch..